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Adventurous pansexual male
Looking in/around Round Rock, Texas for group fun. I can't host, or drive, so hopefully you're close.

Welcome to GS!

can't host can't drive...what can you do for me instead? Smileysex

This isn't grind'r. But hi anyway.

Borg69 Wrote:This isn't grind'r. But hi anyway.


Welcome to gayspeak, with emphasis on speak!

Borg69 Wrote:This isn't grind'r. But hi anyway.

Cuddly Wrote:Yir.

Welcome to gayspeak, with emphasis on speak!

Cut it out, y'all are crampin' my style

I'm trying to negotiate here!

Welcome to GS.

( sorry Miles for interrupting your negoitiating. )

What does 'pansexual' mean?

MisterLove Wrote:What does 'pansexual' mean?

fucking on cookie sheets?

Virge Wrote:fucking on cookie sheets?

It makes me think more of fucking pancakes.

Really though people use pansexual in different ways...as I understand it it means you can be attracted to someone regardless of gender; in this sense the term is viewed as more inclusive than 'bisexual', which might imply 'only' attraction to men and women. Although people still use bisexual to include things beyond the gender binary of just men/women, and the terms have been used interchangeably. So it's kinda goopy and murky, as signifiers with goopy murky signifieds tend to be.

Neither of them fit me just right. I find 'stupid shameless whore' to be a better fit

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