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Sneak peek at the showers
Camfer Wrote:I usually just stand naked at the entrance to the showers, holding a ruler and binoculars. Guys ask me to put the ruler away.

damn was that you? you look different when your hair's dry! :hello-handsome-smil

Back in 1988 I was stationed at a base in Virginia and would sometimes go jogging during my lunch period. One day I invited one of my co-workers who I had a pretty good idea was gay - to go jogging with me. After we finished the 3 mile jog we headed back to the gym to take a shower and change back into uniform. My jogging buddy wanted to hit the sauna before showering so we parted ways and I went to the open bay showers while he went to the sauna.

Suddenly,,, just as I was about finished with my shower, everyone in the shower room (8 or 9 guys) quickly disappeared all at once - which isn't normal. So,,,, I look around to find out what's going on - and see my jogging buddy standing at the entrance of the shower room sporting a 9 or 10 inch hard-on <surprise!!!!>

The fact that he scared off all the straight guys from the shower room didn't seem to phase him at all. I just gave him a quick smile and exited the shower room before anyone got any ideas about the two of us being gay.

I didn't need to get myself embroiled into some sort of a gay witch hunt while in the military,,, and this guy's behavior led me to believe he couldn't be trusted to keep his sexual orientation discreet, so I never asked him to go jogging with me again.

Yep,,, those open bay showers in the military sure were interesting...
We Have Elvis !!

Grammar question: is it 'in the showers' or 'at the showers'?

I thought the same thing. It may depend on whether your grammatical background is British or American, but I tend to think that 'In the showers" makes more sense.

Of course, what does not make sense is that we have time to worry about grammar instead of looking for more shower buddies.
I bid NO Trump!

MisterLove Wrote:This reminds me of a panic attack I once had in the showers.

Gorgeous guy knows I'm interested in him and always takes the place right next to me.

One day he starts walking back and forth right in front of me, stark naked.

Finally Gorgeous Guy makes contact: throws a plastic object at me, laughs and bends over me to pick it up.

That's when I had my panic attack, I could barely breathe! Sad

Is that a fairy tale? And what is that "plastic object", condom? I know, my mind is dirty.

DawnArmy Wrote:[...] And what is that "plastic object", [...]

I have no idea!

It was a small plastic object, I was so petrified I didn't even see what it was!

Carry a hand mirror around with you and hold it up as though you were looking at your contact lens in order to stare at the guy with the huge cock behind you. No one will catch on.

I...nonchalantly (??...at least I think so...) look all the time. Nothing sneaky about my peaks. Wink

MisterLove Wrote:Grammar question: is it 'in the showers' or 'at the showers'?

To me the difference between the two is a few meters of geography. Wink

Whether you're at them, or physically in them, you're still close enough to sneak a peek.

Like baseball. The difference between being at the game, or in the game, either way you're still there... it just depends on how far in you are.

^ Don't you mean to say 'it is how far away you are from the balls?'

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