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What 'ruins' a movie for you?
There are a lot of things that will spoil a movie for you, but I'm not talking about the usual things like 'spoilers', bad acting, or bad plot/story.

What are certain things that can happen in a movie that will ruin it for you?

I am a horror movie fan, so violence normally doesn't bother me, it's expected in a movie of that genre.

That being said, if any sort of violent act takes place against an animal, the movie is shot for me, and I can't watch it.

Example.......I was over with friends a few years ago, and they rented "Drag Me to Hell". For those who haven't seen it, it was about a young woman who was a mortgage rep, who refused to help an old lady with her overdue mortgage. The older woman was a gypsy and she cursed the young woman. The curse involved a demon that would terrorize her for 7 days, and then drag her to hell.

when the supernatural stuff happened, a psychic told her that sometimes an animal sacrifice would appease a demon. The young woman (who had a kitten) said that she couldn't do that, she was a vegetarian.

She was then demonically attacked later that night. When it was over, you see her in the shadows with a knife raised...going 'here kitty kitty kitty'

I turned to my friends and said : turn it off turn it off turn it off turn it off!

Just tonight I was watching a SyFy movie called "Finders Keepers" and at the beginning they kept showing footage of some cats. Soon enough, the owner was looking for them, and I knew what was coming, I flipped the channels for 2 minutes until I knew it was over.


So, what totally messes up/ruins a movie for you?
[Image: 51806835273_f5b3daba19_t.jpg]  <<< It's mine!

This line: "I had no choice!"

If a movie is really pretentious and/or misanthropic like this: , If i wanted to watch something pseudo intellectual or that just shits all over humanity, i would just watch some religious programming:biggrin:

If it doesn't say, "That's all folks!" at the end.
I bid NO Trump!

--actors i don't like. there are some actors i absolutely detest (e.g. Jason Statham) and whenever they're among the cast i can't enjoy the film.

--credibility. films don't have to be based on reality, but they damn sure have to be believable. the plot can take place in an alternate universe with different laws of physics, but there are still some things you just can't pull off.

Too much hype. The more it is hyped the more resistance I have to it.

I can tolerate things happening to Animals in movies sometimes, but there is a point where I can't handle it and don't want to watch the movie anymore. I remember when I was younger and watched the movie "Hollow Man" with Kevin Bacon. One scene had a dog get killed in its cage and I immediately got up and left the room.

Another gripe of mine in movies is when the explanation for the weird things going on are Aliens, when the movie had no hint of being Sci Fi or anything. I could name examples but won't for potential spoilers. I find this being an "explanation" absolutely lazy.

I have a problem with people who tell the plots of movies I want to see so I guess I'll be careful and not let Chuck know what movie genre I like. hahhahahahahahahahahaha!

Factual implausibility in movies that are trying to rely on 'scientific' or 'historical' facts.

As soon as that bubble is pricked....the movie ceases to hold my attention.


And continuity errors.

That moment in mystery movies when the mystery is revealed. It's usually very anti-climactic. Like ruining a good magic trick by showing how it's done. This is why I loved Mulholland Drive. You never really "get it" in the end. It's just a multiplicity of open endings.

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