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having doubts about my sexuality
dear members,

i have some doubts about my sexuality. i have always been attracted to males since i was young. i used to feel shy when looking at handsome men and sometimes have an erection when they come and talk to me.

i also experience a soothing and satisfying feeling whenever males touch me (hold my hands, hug me, their legs brush against me etc.). i have never felt like this before with females.

but here is the thing. i like to look at women wearing traditional attire (sarees etc.) but don't have any sexual feelings towards them. i only feel satisfaction fantasizing myself with males only, not with females.

is it normal for gay men to admire at women for their dressing sense ? because i have read that homosexuals are only attracted to their own gender. i would like to hear your views. thank you.

Well, I think that's normal. Even straight guy look at other guy who well-dressed and they still straight. I like to look at woman wearing traditional dress too, but because it look pretty and gorgeous, not because i have sexual feelings for them.

Absolutely normal, sexuality is extremely diverse. I still admire female dancers at night clubs, I may even want to have sex with them.
Nothing to worry about it.

Straight guys are able to appreciate handsome men too, even if they don't want to fuck them.

Oh I don't think there is any doubt about your sexuality.

But we homos love beautiful things too....and sometimes that includes a beautiful woman in a beautiful dress.....but it is like appreciating a great painting or sculpture. As much as I might love those, it doesn't mean I'd want to fuck one of them....and they don't give me boners.

admiring women's dressing and style does not affect your sexuality. period.

Yeah...I have a huge crush on Mariska Hargitay and Gina Gershon....I thinks both are sexy as hell....I am very attracted to both of them

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTi0KY1IhYqFdbiKEUQIsS...Tblr7SHX8A]

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSlZNy3acnhNBNK9de_uUk...Skm5ChLHNi]

...I am 100% gay though.....and I don't want to have sex with them. I like them because they are both bad assesThumbgrin....

Based on everything you said I don't think you need to have any doubts.

Finding beauty in various things is natural, but it can be unrelated to your inner sexual impulses which you seem very clear on.

Like others have said, straight people recognize attractive qualities in the same sex...even though they don't want to get naked and do a bunch of kinky things involving a wide range of toys and props.

ok, maybe no one else said that exactly!

So no worries OP, nothing unusual or conflicting about your post.

Do you want to sleep with women, or help them accessorize ??? Smile

Borg69 Wrote:Do you want to sleep with women, or help them accessorize ??? Smile

Hehe, your post did tickle me a bit OP because at least where I live it is a stereotype of gay men that they recognize, appreciate, criticize, and create fashion for women.

I on the other hand am completely hopeless in this regard. I can barely dress myself and no clue about women's clothes.

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