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I feel like nothing has changed since last year :(
^^^I would leave out the "leave you alone forever part" at the end....

....keep it light and breezy with no drama...

I was debating whether to add that or not. Maybe just drop the forever?

Radbot42 Wrote:Well I texted him, and it took him about 20 minutes to ask who it was. When I said my name he has yet to respond, if he doesn't by 8 (about a half hour) I'm going to text him this:

It's apparent you don't want to talk. I hope you are doing well, and I will leave you alone forever now.
Hard to know what's going on in his head. What did you text him to begin with?

I would leave the "forever" part out, a bit overly dramatic. Somewhat simplified, I'd just say, "Apparently you don't want to talk. I hope you're doing well but I'll not bother you again."

That doesn't burn any bridges and puts the ball in his court.

This is how the conversation went:


Who is thi

(my name)

and he's at work just sent me a response

I'm gonna move to the chat room if anyone will join me.

So when I found out he was working last night, I told him I'd let him focus, and asked if we could talk after. He never responded. I gave him the benefit of the doubt thinking he worked late nights, and gave him time to respond at some point today. But, with how long it has been I sent him the message that I hope he is doing well and I'll stop bothering him now.

I just deleted all our texts, and plan on deleting his mii from my 3DS. It kinda sucks that he'd flat out ignore me like this, but it is showing his true colors. I can finally move on.

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