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International traveler looking to get tested
Hi friends,
Sorry if this has been discussed already - I couldn't find any information with a quick search.
I'm passing through town and would like to get myself tested for sti's.
No symptoms, just a bad decision one night.
Anyway, if there somewhere a non-US straight guy can go to get tested quickly and easily?
Thanks so much for your help and apologies if this question hasn't been posted in the correct forum.

Um… well, just do a google for std clinics in your area and give them a call. Don't see why not being a US citizen should be a concern, but I don't know. Just call some and ask.

Don't know why that posted twice but oh well...

If your concern is about exposure to HIV, then get yourself to an urgent care clinic TODAY because there is a very limited window of 72 hours to get onto some prescription meds (aka PEP, Post Exposure Prophylaxis) to prevent infection. There will be costs for the visit and prescription. You have to take pills for 28 days or so.

If you concern is about other STIs, MikeW is correct, just find a health clinic. They will help regardless of your citizenship. It should be free. You might try googling public health office along with the name of the county where you are. You can try to get an appointment or just walk in and be prepared to wait. Tell the it's regarding an STI and you need to see someone right away. They might try to put you off a few days, so be insistent that you need to see someone today.

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