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Who needs traffic lights?
Give me traffic lights!

That is terrifying!!!!!!
And those pedestrians, just walk out onto the tarmac.... Like nothing is going on.... There are cars passing them, at god knows what speeds, yet they carry on!!!!!! Crazy!!!
I know it would scare the living daylight outta me!
But it also shows the difference... Where I live, in the UK, We have road markings, and Traffic Lights, everywhere! Pedestrian Crossings the lot. A junction like this wouldn't even be brought to the table, when planning on designing a new road layout. However. in Ethiopia most of the junctions I have seen (This is from a Google Map research I have briefly done) they don't have these *Road Aids* To people who are used to *Road Aids* this *System* (whether there is or isn't) would be considered insane, suicidal yet still today it is used. Why? Hmm I wonder. Maybe Ethiopians, are way more skilled at driving, that they don't need *Road Aids* Who knows?
I still think it is crazy!!!! If not as a driver, but as a pedestrian!!!! Crazy!!!!!

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