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Eirc Martin
I've been keeping up with a story that was posted (can't remember if it was here or another forum), it was about a teen, Eric Martin, who was beaten and hospitalized after standing up to bullies in school, to make it worse he now faces assault charges for trowing the first punch and is not allowed to return to school until he signs a document saying that he threatened the school. I'm not really surprised by this because it did happen in Virginia, there's certain places people still shouldn't go because of race.

Eric's mother started a campaign called letters for Eric to show love and support for him. the story is here and there is also a facebook page for letters of love for Eric . I really hope the school and authorities can show they still have some kind of compassion and drop the charges.
[Image: tumblr_n60lwfr0nK1tvauwuo2_250.gif]

Thanks for passing on. I'd never have heard otherwise and it's just a couple hours drive! Thanks again, Chad Remybussi
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