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what would you do if you see abandoned kitten/puppy
Yeah. One we had since I was 12, so for about 7 years. And the other we jusy recently got from my older sister's friend, cause' her father didn't want him in the house.

More than likely take it to the rescue center around the corner from me. We got our Cat from this place and she is the most wonderful Cat we've ever had.

Our first cat, Sebastian, found us really. We were beside a busy street getting gas when he wandered up and hopped in the car like he owned it. He sure owned us. We tried to find an owner for weeks but couldn't. He was part Maine Coon, part domestic mutt, and all about making sure he knew we were his.

He used to love "grooming" me while I slept. I woke up every morning with a Hitler-esque slicked comb over. Laugh
[Image: picture.php?albumid=1036&pictureid=6882]

Another cat we found was a sort of brilliant orange part Persian we named Puck because he was full of piss and vinegar attitude. We couldn't keep him unfortunately because although young he had an auto immune disease. In the very short time we had him he was miserable with pain, so out of compassion to end his suffering we had him euthanized. I wish I could find his photos. Had he not been ill he would have been a lovable and fiery companion. RIP Puck.

All of our cat's and our Chihuahua Sophie were humane society rescues. All except Grace, who was a very expensive gift from my brother. Pure breed Oriental short hair cat's aren't cheap. My brother David knew I was upset because Barbra, my personal favorite Oriental short hair, was near the end of her life, I'm sad just thinking about missing her.
[Image: picture.php?albumid=1036&pictureid=6874]
Barbra in her favorite place in the world, on my chest giving me face time as soon as I got home from work. She would rub both sides of her muzzle on both sides of my face, gently head butting me a couple of times afterward to let me know she was happy to have me home. She would greet me at the door, loudly meowing me to hurry up and unlock, and then jump from the floor straight to my shoulder unassisted. She was then happy to ride around on my shoulders until I settled in so she could properly give me a welcome home greeting. Easily one of the smartest cats I have ever known. Barbra was the light of my life in so many ways.

(And YES, I named her Barbra! She was impossible to ignore, was loud, had a long nose, and slightly crossed big green eyes... What the hell else was I going to name her?)

Absolutely adopt them.

It is why we currently have four cats.

I love animals much more than people and if I could I would love to adopt all the abandoned animals. However I can't, but if I see a abandoned animal, I will pet it a or give it something to eat.

to Steve: I too do believe that maybe we have some special connection with our cat. Maybe it's our familiar ( that explain why sometime they found us ) Wink2Wink2

Quote:Absolutely adopt them.

It is why we currently have four cats.
If you adopt them every time you see. I think you should have hundreds of cat in your house Kitty

shirogane Wrote:ah, I'll only adopt 15 to 20 kitten ( if I can) HappyHappy

Around these parts we have 'no kill shelters'. When we get too many critters dumped off we can take them to the shelters and they are real good at finding homes. If you have similar no-kill shelters and that many spare cats... its time to start taking cats to shelters.

Perhaps there is a spayed/neuter program which can 'fix' the more feral cats, vaccinate them then release them to let them live out there days without kittens? That we have done with the cat colony out back.

We don't have kind of shelters like that in Vietnam ( maybe you don't know but many Vietnamese people eat cat, that's scary to me).
Most of our abandoned kittens come from some not very rich family, they just throw them away when they can't feed them. That make me feel so angry.

shirogane Wrote:to Steve: I too do believe that maybe we have some special connection with our cat. Maybe it's our familiar ( that explain why sometime they found us ) Wink2Wink2

My cat, Miss Opal, definately "found" me! I was visiting a cousin who lives out in a rural area, and volunteered to take her trash to the dump in my pickup. When I got there and threw the bag in, I heard a loud crying. I couldn't see any animal, but honestly the crying sounded JUST like a baby, so I climbed into the dumpster and started diggin. I found a tiny, dark brown kitten COVERED in fleas. It was so small it fit into the palm of my hand. I took it home and gave it a bath to get rid of the fleas and it turned out she wasn't brown but white. The vet said she was about 5 days old and I had to carry her to my college classes with me for almost 2 weeks because I had to bottle feed her ever few hours.
How little did I know that, if not for that little ball of fur, my life would have been completely different and possibly genuinely over. She has been my closest companion in my life.

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