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okay. The jitters have set in. 7 weeks, 4 days to go.
Wow Virge! congratulations my dear friend! I was in that same situation many years ago, and after a few weeks it felt so good to come home to someone you love, and know that you will see him again for as long as it lasted! I wish and am ready for it to happen again! I truly love the living together home life; nothing like it!!

Oh God wipe your ass already! Geez.
I hope Jay gets to read this thread at some point because he will have ALL kinds of fun, in large red font no doubt, about how love changes everything and the marriage changes it all over again!
I love your sharing the angst here Virge. It's clearly helpful for you, but it's more than that...it's helpful for everyone else too! Remybussi
Heart  Life's too short to miss an opportunity to show your love and affection!  Heart

OK Virge...here goes....

RELAX..it will work out just fine...

You aren't really in control anymore...so let go....you'll have to do it sooner than later anyway so practice now while it is still a choiceSupergrin

You will have to learn to compromise...and you will do things you probably never thought you would do...and you will have higher highs and lower lows than you ever imagined possible...

....and then you will learn to breathe underwater after you stop struggling...that is what it feels like....and you will know that you are not or never really were in control of very much at all...and then you will roll with it and get used to it....and even maybe fall in love with journey....you never really get to the destination so pay attention to the journey because it IS the destination......

So...for the initial month anyway.... let me ask...how humble can you be? If you can do humble...it will be a lot easier.

You are trying to make everything perfect and I think just him moving in with you IS "perfect"...so instead of running around worrying about everything...let go...do nothing...it will all unfold as it will anyway....

Make the changes and preparations with Jay ...together....

OKay! I'm back to normal (whatever that is) I'm cutting back on a few commitments on my time and energy... made a list prioritizing things I need to get done before jay gets here and crossed off all but four of them. He's not going to worry about a little dust or a junky drawer in the kitchen.

What I was going through was PTSD resulting from non battle related stresses. It was a first time and I hope the last one.

I took off from school. Ray and I are going on a fun seeking expedition later and maybe run to Deadwood for free buffet at the casino.

Pretend none of this happened. hahahhahaha!

[Image: snap2.gif?w=434&h=234]

I'm glad we were there for you.

Rareboy Wrote:[Image: snap2.gif?w=434&h=234]

I'm glad we were there for you.

One my favorite scenes EVER.

A few months ago we got to watch that movie out on the plaza in front of the Met with a few thousand other New Yorkers. The place went nuts when she said that line.

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