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Setback for same sex marriage in the USA
Some retards still exist:

"You can be young without money but you can't be old without money"
Maggie the Cat from "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof." by Tennessee Williams

"Retards" should not be an epithet. Stupid people are stupid, not mentally impaired people. That's like saying Brits should be ashamed of having bad teeth. It's not a fair observation nor judgment.

Most gays in America find gay rights in marriage to be appealing.

Most of us knew we'd be appealing to the Supreme Court again.

And so it goes.

I would have used the term 'Backwards reactionary douche bags'.....and while everyone has been expecting this move from one of the Districts.....it does extend the pain and the expense of continuing to fight and gives the Talibangelicals a rallying point.

Rareboy Wrote:I would have used the term 'Backwards reactionary douche bags

That's sexist, or maybe even anti-homosexual.

At the least, it's anti-douching. :p

Quote:It’s entirely possible that we could have oral arguments in coming months and a Supreme Court decision by next summer.

lols. sorry, that was funny. i like the 'oral arguments' very much.

such a lot of fuss, input of time and energy for a thing that should follow effortlessly and from most people's common sense, is inexplicable to me. i don't like a lot of people either, but i do not hold the viewpoint that i have the right to ban them from something, or tell them how to live their life. also, the fact that one of the most developed countries in the world is still basically divided on a question that should be a non-issue in the developed world, is a shame.

LONDONER Wrote:[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Some retards still exist:

Rareboy Wrote:I would have used the term 'Backwards reactionary douche bags'.....

What's the difference in words like those and Sick cock sucking fags or Perverted butt fucking homos?

Come on guys. Stop playing by the rules of the lowest people on the intellectual bell curve. We are better than that.

I'm afraid if republicans get in power same sex marriage will be repealed and action taking to ban it across the country on a national level.

The conservatards are tarding up their tardness in order to get their politic-tard stuff done so they can win more voter-tards in the next retarded election. Its how Ameri-tard rolls.

CowboyBob Wrote:I'm afraid if republicans get in power same sex marriage will be repealed and action taking to ban it across the country on a national level.

HI bob.... I've been concerned about that, but I started digging and looking into things... and asking questions... and noticing things....

I don't think you need to worry too much about Republicans. It appears they have done a pretty good job of marginalizing the people in their own ranks who were hurting the party --- fundamentalists and tea parties. In 2010 they were the ones dominating the midterm elections with anti-gay rhetoric. Did you hear anything out of this this year? I didn't and I stayed pretty plugged in waiting for some of them to show their faces.

Also something happened in this election. By getting rid of fundamentalists and tea parties the Republicans drew much support from the Independent voters in the political middle who really determine election results. If they realign with fundamentalists and tea parties they'll be making a step backwards and deserting independent voters. Republicans overall have accepted that marriage for gays is inevitable. Did you hear of one of them running a openly campaign opposing it? I didn't and I live in one of the reddest states in the US.

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