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Is this sexy?
[Image: 5646e2866dc4d3d76d6c43c919ce0b1a.jpg]

I want to inhale the tears deep within you, and pretend I am holding you as if you were a wildflower, after a downpour of emotions became heavy, soaking the many folds hidden within yourself. As you open new reason for me to hold you, scaring off all those old lovers, like bees that tried to pollinate your emptied bed of love. I hope to have scared away the hands of the pollinators, who could have taken away your sweetness, to then bottled it and sell it to be consumed by the lips of strangers. Leandro

There needs to be a certain "je ne sais quoi" to exude sex appeal. I don't quite get it from any of the photos but they are interesting photos nonetheless.

princealbertofb Wrote:[Image: f86ac9653be9f348793df47c7325f972.jpg]
And this?


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