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Im melting... MEEEELTING !!!

ugh why doesnt it show like other videos, does it even work for anybody?


Is this the right one?

LJay Wrote:This is the first I have ever heard of tapatalk, spilovn.

its usually pretty good but on some forums you dont need it because they are mobile friendly

East for me it says "web page not available"

spilovn Wrote:East for me it says "web page not available"

I know that message...I get it on my iPhone here. I can thank a message but I cannot leave one when I am on my iPhone.....

The video shows up here with the ice melting...it is cool....

ive sent andy two messages and not one word back, whats his problem, moron.

I also have trouble posting You-tube videos on GS.

Is there some trick to it?

Rareboy Wrote:I also have trouble posting You-tube videos on GS.

Is there some trick to it?

I thought I had seen some reference to it but can't find it now.

I think you put YouTube tags around whatever appears AFTER the = in the YT url.

Best way to find out is pretend quote a successful one and see what they did.

fuck it……… … message too short!

just insert the youtube number referenced in the link...

http://youtu.be / o8uocNOr7aY

So I type ... [you tube] o8uocNOr7aY [/you tube] ... without the elipses or spaces... and wahla:

Don't be so pissy. I use tapatalk and it works just fine. Of course it is not the full PC version but it works great. I get my private messages, lastest posts, send msgs... Geezz I'm sorry it's such an issue for you. Lastly, thanks to Andy for doing such a great job hanging in there, doing a great job and staying out of the ever present ebb and flow of sentiment.
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