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Im melting... MEEEELTING !!!

sorry i cant post the images, it always seems to be on this forum. I cant post them on tapatalk or out of tapatalk on my phone.

this is the least mobile friendly forum ive ever known, without tapatalk its ridiculous and its obvious the mods havent looked into that side.

I like to post images so i’ll call it a day, sorry i cannot even delete this thread.

unbelievably i cannot delete my account on a mobile phone also, its quite literally impossible, like trying to write a post out of tapatalk.

you're leaving?

No need to get vexed enough to leave!

And on tapatalk you cannot create threads or thank a post thats just an image with no writing or get notified of private messages or "thanks" so you have to come out of tapatalk, i wont even get into how poor that is, im a member of two other forums and been a member of more, its just this one that makes everything difficult, its quite frustrating as you can imagine and why i do t post an awful lot and will not anymore despite liking the people here just not the shitty poor software.

meridannight Wrote:you're leaving?

you see, this message was not even visible on tapatalk, thats just yet another thing, i come out of tapatalk and suddenly two messages where there wasnt before which makes it look as if im ignoring people..

I dont want to leave but… IDK, its so rubbish for me on a mobile, i want to throw it against a wall, even now i cannot see what im writing, its out of screen.

palbert Wrote:No need to get vexed enough to leave!

perhaps your right...nice avatar palbert.

Tell one of us what pics they are and we will post them for you. I will do it if you give me the url

East Wrote:Tell one of us what pics they are and we will post them for you. I will do it if you give me the url

thanks, its a nice idea but i cant ask everytime. I’ve had the pics saved for some time, there is no url for them but i found this video, i can still post these for now..


This is the first I have ever heard of tapatalk, spilovn.
I bid NO Trump!

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