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Dieppe 19th of August 1942 - Canada Landed on Normandy
Tomorrow it's Remembrance Day in Canada, it's this time again to proudly walk around with your red poppy flower.

From VAC (Veteran Affairs of Canada) website:

Landing on the Blue Beach at Puys, the Royal Regiment of Canada, led by Lieutenant-Colonel D.E. Catto, planned to begin the battle in the darkness of the night. Their landing delayed, the Regiment arrived on shore as the sun was rising. Without the element of surprise, their enemy was strategically placed, heavily armed and waiting. Heavy casualties were suffered immediately.

Few members managed to advance beyond the heavily-wired 10-foot high seawall at the head of the beach. Those who did (including Lieutenant-Colonel Catto) were unable to return. Most, including three platoons of reinforcements from the Black Watch of Canada, were pinned down by unrelenting machine-gun and mortar fire and could not evacuate.

Of the 554 members of the Royal Regiment of Canada who embarked on the raid, 227 died in or as a result of the raid—more deaths than any other unit involved. In addition, 136 were wounded and 264 became prisoners of war (POWs). Only 65 made it back to England. Only 44 of the Black Watch’s 111 troops returned. Four died in or as a result of the raid, eight were wounded and 63 taken prisoner.

The plaque on The Royal Regiment of Canada Monument, in Puys, reads:

You who are alive on this beach
, remember that these men died far from home so that others, here and elsewhere, might freely enjoy life in God’s mercy.

On the 19th of August 1942
on the beaches of Dieppe
our Canadian cousins
marked with their blood
the road to our final liberation
foretelling thus their victorious return
on September 1, 1944.

To all Canadians who have lost someone during WW2, tomorrow give one minute of silence, thank your grandparents, parents, great grandparents. Medals and plate are great but a simple thanks are a thousand times better.

Thanks Grand Dad!

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