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Christmas dilemma
shame we didn't get an update from the OP, I remember replying to this one last month

I think that you should bring him along. Some of the family already know, so that will make it easier.

I dont think there is any need to announce to the assembled family that he is your boyfriend.

A simple "Friend" will do. Let the rest think what they want Smile

If possible, save any battle with your family for a time other than Christmas. That is not a memory you want to follow you every December. There is no doubt that the battle with have to come though. You are a man and have your own life to live.

Do the family thing and have him as your friend. He loves you so he will understand how it has to be. Be sure to spend some alone time with him, however.

Krzysztof Wrote:I cannot imagine spending Christmas without my boyfriend but at the same time I want to be with my family.

Hello Krzysztof

I can totally sympathise with you. By the sounds of things everyone is important to you in your life so you have to try to make it work. Talk to your boyfriend and explain the situation. He will probably be willing to go along. Hopefully as your grandmother sees that he is a normal respectable person she will accept him. I'm not saying you should go in with full on personal displays of affection .....that's enough to put anyone off no matter how open minded they are.

Good luck and hope it all works out well.

Big hugs.


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