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Are You Willing To Move For The Sake Of Love?
If you meet someone from far away or from another country far away from yours, are you willing to move and relocate to another country just to be with the one you love? Why?


I think it's a hard to decide situation. I will go but must think about many things: how to get work there, in a foreign country. What if we live together and I find out that he not the one ?

There is a right way and a wrong way to approach such situations. Lets say you meet someone online and there is a huge spark. Don't just pack up and move. Badddd idea.

One scenario that I've seen work is if you live in a place you don't like at all. You meet someone online and they live in a city you'd be interested in living in. If you moved you'd not be placing all your eggs in their basket as it's something you needed to do anyway. It's a win win.

The other scenario is making sure it's a true thing. Vacation there for as long as you possibly can. If you can stay for a month then do it. Integrate into that person's life as much as you can so you are aware of what you are getting if you make the move. I've given similar advice to many many friends including ones that are moving in together. Get as close as you can to moving in together while having different homes. When you do move in together it's a healthy transition and not a massive lifechanger.

My partner moved 2000 miles to be with me. I would've moved 2000 miles to be with him, but I had sturdier roots and a much-harder-to-find job, so he decided he'd pull up roots and move.


Brian's right. Impulsively picking up and moving is never a good idea. Impulsively dropping everything and traveling to see each other is less risky.

Jay and I went through 3½ years of me flying 8,000 miles to see him 3 - 4 times a year. All that time we never saw how things could work out or would possibly work out for us to live in one place at the same time. I'd have been super happy to have moved from my home to make one with him. Then he came here for a visit and that changed everything. It took awhile but once he decided he liked it here and came back for more visits everyone made it easy for him to like it more and more.

Now... Just five weeks and five days to go and he'll be here. It sounds like an impulsive fairy tale but honest... it's all been carefully well thought out decisions all the way.

I would definitely consider it, but it certainly wouldn't be a quick decision. Obviously, I'd have to really like the person, and I would have to had visited the place in question numerous times to A) see if I liked it, and B) grow comfortable with it. But generally speaking, assuming I had been in a committed relationship with the individual for a long time, and assuming the place in question was better than, or equal to, my current living arrangements, I don't really see why I wouldn't. It would have to be a location in which I could thrive on my own, should the relationship fall apart, however, so I wouldn't do it if I didn't think I had a back-up plan should things not work out...

I'd consider it, and I have, but you need to make sure you will be okay if it doesn't work out.

I did think about this once but when you have a secure job too then its very hard to do ,, if I could have set up a job first then I would have maybe taken the plunge - I couldn't have just uprooted and hoped everything worked out for the best - life just doesn't work like that unfortunately

No, thank you very much

These days, no. Once you retire, picking up roots is not very easy.

When I was in my 20's or 30's? I might have, but it would have been a bit tricky because guys were not commonly seen as partners. There was one girl who, had I been straight, might easily have had me following her to ends of the earth. That would have been easy, but I know it would not have worked.
I bid NO Trump!

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