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crack poll >> which do you prefer?
Vote for more than one!
To get out of the cold and snow, I'm headed down to Hot Springs with Ray in the morning to take in a whole day of swimming in HOT WATER with some other buddies. I'll be dreaming of Swimmers' Crack tonight.

Post some pictures of your favorite Crack to make your argument for you favorite cracks.

[Image: 36d3e116-b879-455f-82d8-867b92c833e9]

[Image: 1246503876.jpg]

[Image: 690cd954-0506-4d35-9c05-33962aef3a23]

[Image: buttcrackspeedos.JPG]

[Image: beachbumcrack.jpg]

[Image: orlando_bloom_buttcrack_1.jpg]

no crack showing but DAMN!!
[Image: 9c1791e2aa0e35b3a109fcc59e88e16c.jpg]

[Image: 7d0332c0f16422fc6ed9ddffb6405fb9.jpg]

[Image: PlumberCrak.jpg]

[Image: buttcrack.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_n60lwfr0nK1tvauwuo2_250.gif]

The first guy who comes to mind...I would like Colin Kaepernick crack sitting on my face....

[Image: Colin-Kaepernick-Poses-For-ESPNs-Nude-Issue.jpg]

[Image: Colin-in-ESPN-1024x614.jpg]

...and then I would like to bite his nipples ....

[Image: Screen-Shot-2013-07-09-at-6.43.15-PM.png]

As long as it is crack....all good with me.

I found this one pretty sexy...wet...[Image: buttcrackspeedos.JPG]

Too young and hairless! Shakin

(voted plumber's haha!)

I'm awake now.
I bid NO Trump!

[Image: David-Gandy-Butt-Crack.jpg?resize=250%2C250]

a now iconic crack....[Image: nick-jonas-butt-crack-3.jpg]

ceez Wrote:no crack showing but DAMN!!
[Image: 9c1791e2aa0e35b3a109fcc59e88e16c.jpg]

This dude deserves a trophy![/COLOR][/SIZE]


I don't like intentional poses exposing a crack! I love it when a regular Joe exposes his crack when caught relaxing, or is totally unaware of it! is just seem more sexy that way!!

[Image: 7d0332c0f16422fc6ed9ddffb6405fb9.jpg]

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