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Next Gen Console Poll
This is a pretty simple one. Which one do you like the most out of the 3?

Humm I'm going to take a sec to nit pick geek style.

PS3, 360 an the Wii are no longer "next gen" systems, seeing hows they have all been out for a few years now that would make the PS3, 360 and Wii current generation consoles. Maybe if its was 2006 we could consider them next generation but it's 2010....so yeah sorry geek moment.

Also everyone knows I'm a Playstation fanboy.

got to say 360 cos i own one along with a wii but dont use that for online gaming - most of my freinds have 360 - some have that plus ps3 but they pretty much stick to xbox for online play, they do say ps3 has slightly better graphics and it is a blue ray player too but xbox live is way better in their opinion even though u have to pay for it - cant beat a race on blur or a shoot out in COD with a dozen mates though...loads of fun or frustration if your getting spanked

I haven't voted yet since it's a pretty tough call. All of them are good. I might not go with PS3 since it lacks backward compatibility. However, I've played a couple good games on there like Midnight Club Racing. It's really a super tough call for me. I'll let you know the verdict soon.

I went with the Wii. It's the only one I have out of the three. It's so unique compared to the others. In a way, it's a bit revolutionary. If I'm not mistaken, it was originally supposed to be called The Revolution.

ok i had all 3, let my bro have hte xbox when he moved out with his GF

here's my thoughts
the xbox (a multi core system) and the ps3 (cell processor system) have very little in difference, because of their different cores they will handle games differently, for example, lets say we have a large area sandbox game (Red dead redemption or Oblivion) the ps3 will be able to render more further away because of the flexibility of the cell processor, with light drawbacks to some graphical quality and its only minor, and dosen't seem to happen in exclusive games but just shared games.

Other than that theres no huge difference

the wii, i love my nintendo, but there insistence of "nonhd" keeping to ps2 like graphics, its a little disspointing, i mean i still have my NES and SNES and N64 and my gamecube is somewhere in here,
but there non hd left them at a disadvantage, while there first party games are great (im playing up mario galaxy and super mario wii right now) there shared games loose to the other councels because everyone wants to play the good looking hd version of the game, not the ps2 looking version of it.

as far as reliability, i had both the 360 and ps3 at there releases, the 360 (which i gave up on) died on us about 3 times, the third time the warrenty was expired, thats why i didn't get another, and thats why my brother has one now.
Now my original ps3 did die on me (the little known yellow light of death) i almost cried lol, who knows what happened to it, probably didn't keep it dusted well enough, but between the day i got it and now i've had friends go through even more 360s than i have

wii's still kicking!

I'm going to start off by saying: who knew so many geeks are gay.

Second off, I'm very proud of my 360. I had to replace it back in December because it E74'd. The 360 is kicking both the Wii's and the PS3's ass sales wise now. And if people want to argue that with me, go right ahead. It's been all over gaming news sites and G4 that the 360 is kicking ass once again.

Now, I would say that I'd have a Wii if it had an HD component. But it's stuck in 480p.

I refuse to get a PS3 because Sony is just the greediest little corporation I know of. However, I would get one only if Kingdom Hearts 3 would come out. Then I would go buy my old PS2 library again. Including God of War III.

xbox is kicking ass because well, it dosen't cost an arm and a leg lol, i guess the point here is microsoft is an american company and though it is "at the top" it is feeling the economy so the xbox isn't going to be freakishly expensive where as sony is japan, hugely popular, and isn't feeling our economic doom so much so they can charge us an arm, leg, and a couple of family jewls.

i'd choose ps3 because A: i LOVE home, and b: i luv my bluray, and other than it dying on me finally i've never had an issue with the system

the wii really is only worth it right now if your a nintendo fan boy, aka you go wait out in the rain for something like smashbrothers, im not a fanboy really of concuils (im a fan boy of some games obviously) i got the wii for a Christmas , andi ts really fun, and i actuyally use wiifit to force myself to workout,

X Box is the most versatile in my opinion

PS3 because it has the most games of the three that I will be playing. :biggrin:

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