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Would you eat salad from a vending machine?
No, although is it any worse than buying salad from the supermarkets?

Vending machines are for candy bars and sodas, not real food.

Not a chance, lol.

"vending machine sushi" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hell NO!

lets give this a image.

1. https://www.google.com/search?q=salad+fr...440%3B1080

I eat these bistro salads all the time at work. If its any thing like this then i say YES!

now lets see the vending machine.


I'm telling you people these bistro salads are good !!!

Generally no (of course), but those salads look pretty fresh and delicious. I largely use salad as a light vehicle for protein though, so I'd want some salmon or grilled chicken on it.

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