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What did you love today?
What did you love today? It could be anything.....

seeing an old friend and talking for hours about everything as if it hadn't been years

Things I loved today.....

Unpacking all of my 1950s Aluminum Christmas Trees...and I have over 1000 1950s and earlier ornaments....

I loved the liverwurst sandwich I had...i get a horrible craving for liverwurst maybe once a year and I MUST have it...then I can't touch it until the next craving...

I loved how helpful the guy at ACE Hardware was...what a sweetheart...

getting a text from mr. dimples!

watched Guardians of the Galaxy and absolutely loved the film. it appealed to my sense of humor and the cast was well chosen.

I loved having lunch with a recently-made but very good friend. We make each other laugh Smile

I love that I had a very productive day at work on the current restoration project.
I love that more than 50% of my customers so far this week are actually intelligent (a record I think)
I love that my boyfriend came by and gave me the most romantic card......just because.
I love that I am going to relax and catch up on Criminal Minds in a few .
I can EXPLAIN it to you but I can't UNDERSTAND it for you

meridannight Wrote:watched Guardians of the Galaxy and absolutely loved the film. it appealed to my sense of humor and the cast was well chosen.

of course seeing chris pratt in his undies was def worth it!

I LOOOOVED the sushi I had for lunch today at the same sushi train I go to where they know me by name and ask me if I want my usual stuff made fresh lol.
Honestly, I could marry sushi! I love it that much.

East Wrote:i get a horrible craving for liverwurst

OK, Bruce, for 10 points bonus, what word in that phrase is redundant? Wink Sorry, that was too easy. Contrary to the funnies, I don't fault anyone for his tastes, as it is indeed a matter of taste. I'm glad you sated your craving.

What did I love today?

I had a really good supper of leftover mac & cheese and baby lima butterbeans from a dinner I hosted Saturday. It was nice to come home after a hard day at work to an easy homemade meal.

Also, I have enjoyed new friendships on Gayspeak.

And, I love JackBoneTX's avatar, whoever that handsome bastard is. Ditto for Jake's.

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