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Some news that sounds too much like a lie
I dont know why no one is talking about this. I forgot it until now. I heard it yesterday and thought it was so crazy it had to be lies. I remembered to do a web search to see if its a lie. Guess not.

Meet Michael Phelps honey

Dont think Im saying anything bad about either of them. Id do her without worrying about what people said. Hot lady. Nice going Phelps!

Here's more.

Yeah, did a total Google on the story after I heard it. Good for them and so long as they're happy.

If it is true, fine, but she talks too much. Why is it necessary to blab? I smell a gold digger.
I bid NO Trump!

I really hate the people who kiss and tell about celebrities.....they kinda make my skin crawl....

I call it Geraldo Rivera syndrome...

Most of all this type stuff that comes out on celebs is just playing the fans. Phelps got a boost in LGBT circles and a hot transgen gal gets a step up to natl news.

Thats how they do it to keep up their brand name. Just like all the athletes and stars Phelps cant get any money doing endorsements unless people are talking about him.

I know a lot of celeb publicists do release stuff like this but I don't think this will help Phelps at all with the endorsements.

I like Phelps because I think he is an asshole. We need more guys who are good at that and have a real talent, like his swimming. Why do I need all this other this stuff for garnish?
I bid NO Trump!

I've understood she is intersex, not transgender, and seen no solid evidence they are really a couple. I no reason to doubt her or defend him, but this is what I read in the Washington Post:

"There are no images linking Phelps and Chandler. There is no one on the record beyond Chandler talking about a relationship. And there’s no Phelps, who has neither confirmed nor denied the rumors. Voice mails and e-mails left by The Washington Post with agents representing Phelps on Thursday afternoon were not returned." - Read more

may not. well see. Maybe Phelps needs to screw a Kardashian

Can I gag now?

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