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loneliness caught me again
I think people can see your vulnerabilitys.

I suffered from depression just like you.

some people in life want to hurt you or want you just to die.
but this disturbs me. All of these people did this to you and then the lecturer joined in.

you have to understand that this is wrong.
these people want to hurt you.

you have to fight for your own life even if it means fighting for just your self.
these people are the ones who are causing your depression.

try and surround yourself with positive people.

I turned to religion that was open to homosexuals.
but drugs from a doctor is good to ... LOL

being a homosexual is hard in the U.S.A
but we still don't get respect for being human beings.

being a feminine homosexual will get you no respect.
you have a right to be depressed because of your surroundings.
this has to do with the way people are treating you.

I'm a loner or something people may call a loser.
but i see my self as something thats apart of life.
any thing thats apart of life is a part of God.
so i know God appreciates me.
i found this out only through the pain of life.

but thats a religious theory.

If you want Good people in your life you have to find them first.


that feeling sucks, was there all through high school, nothing you can do to make it hurt less, rejection is hurtful anytime, every time i get dumped i cry, thats why i hate teachers that expect others to work together why cant we just be independent and do our own work.

lonelylad Wrote:thank you for your kind words friends. your posts really mean a lot to me and help me a lot from my depression.

i had to visit my psychiatrist again because my depression got worse and after medication and the therapy i am better now.

i am depending on my studies now to get myself a better future and happy life, something that i am missing right now. hopefully i can do well.

thank you guys once again.

Focus on your studies as a way to divert your mind away from the worst injustices that other people shamelessly inflict on you. Succeeding in school and becoming successful in the career you choose is the the most positive kind of revenge against all those people who think less of you for something which you have no control: your sexuality.

As hard as it is to ignore all the negativity, the less you react to the hate people throw at you the sooner they will get bored trying to bait you into showing your vulnerability.

Above all, you have friends here if you need to talk. I happen to know that you're a pretty decent guy. Stay positive my friend.

thank you for your kind words bluerealm, jogu656 and steve. i can feel great determination and confidence to do well for my studies now.

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