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we want a full family
If you are ready for a family, why not just start the adoption process since that takes time and forget about surrogacy?

Darius Wrote:If you are ready for a family, why not just start the adoption process since that takes time and forget about surrogacy?
I think about both these variants. Both of them take time and both of them are difficult. And I'm choosing a variant, which will be more comfortable for me. It doesn't mean that I don't want a family, it means only comparing possibilities.

think it means that you are trying to play for time... think there is some strong desire inside you to have a child but you are not ready completely... just give yourself time. when the right time will come you will start, just don't hurry up.

To play for time? Well, I wouldn't say so. But you are really right, that I shouldn't hurry up. It is a very serious deal, the deal of life. It cannot be done for a couple of days.

nothing wise can't be done for a couple of days. Child of what gender do you want?

I will love either boy or girl equally. And if between adoption and surrogacy I will choose surrogacy, it will be impossible to choose a gender. But I think it will be harder for 2 men to bring up a girl. She would ask some typical "women" questions we won't be able to answer

it is possible to choose the gender while choosing surrogacy, a lot of traditional couples choose the procedure of gender selection, there is such thing like family balance where you can choose the gender of the child and also this procedure is used when there is a risk of genetically transmitted disease. So, to select the gender you should have important reason.

Agree with you, Bubble. For example, if boys in family suffer from some disease it is better to have a girl. I don't know exactly, whether there were genetic diseases in my family, but if I choose surrogacy, I will figure it out

why when you choose surrogacy you should find it out? Surrogate mother has no genetic connection with a child. Or you mean that when you choose surrogacy you will have the ability to use this procedure of gender selection?

may be. If there are some genetic diseases in my family or in my partner's family. We don't know who will be chosen as a biological father. Now we are already consulting with genetic specialist to know everything about our families from the very beginning

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