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Interview the person below
i enjoy anything up my ass, as long as it's not too big

if you found out that one of your friends was Friar Tuck and that you are actually little John and maid Marian was actually your mother, how would you react?

I would think to myself it is time to put down the crack pipe.

When was the last time you told someone they are beautiful?

About 6 hours ago

What will you do when I come to duel you?
[Image: 05onfire1_xp-jumbo-v2.jpg?quality=90&auto=webp]

Tell you to stop and give you a hug instead Smile

What would you do if I started crying?

Hug the shit out of you until you're comforted.

How would you redistribute State revenues?
[Image: 05onfire1_xp-jumbo-v2.jpg?quality=90&auto=webp]

It appears no-one has an answer for this question, I don't either... so meh.

Have you ever had the urge to put on a pair of heels?

Not really, but I do feel tempted by some kinds of boots that women wear. (Not snow or cowboy ones Tongue)

How many pets do you have?

Me and my flatmate have a hamster. It's a rented flat and pets aren't allowed really so that's all we've got. Plus, we aren't home all that much to have anything more than that.

How is the weather where you are today?

Dim, cloudy, cool with a nice 15°C

How would you rank your core family members?
[Image: 05onfire1_xp-jumbo-v2.jpg?quality=90&auto=webp]

I'd rank my brother and Mum first, they are equally close to me. I don't physically live near them anymore and we can go for ages without talking, but I still feel close to them when we do see each other. I don't have the best relationship with my Dad, never have, and it has recently gotten worse. We haven't talked since before Xmas. I guess sometimes it's just not meant to be.

How has your Sunday been so far?

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