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Interview the person below
just being on an isolated island ..

how do you say "i love you" to your dog? ..

I don't have a dog. I'd probably ask it to give me a sloppy kiss if I did.

Do you plan on going abroad this year?

Already had my trip to Barcelons a couple of weeks ago, I think I'm holidayed out for a while.

What's your favourite dessert, and if they've sold out what would be your second choice?
Gossip is the Devil’s telephone; best just to hang up.

Massaldas(/Malassadas) - Which in English is roughly "Bad Cooked" and are basically fried sugar donuts, and are a local delicacy loool
And if fresh out, I'da probably get me a Loquat or something off the tree.

Would you rather climb trees for fruits or go out on a boat to a sandbar to fish.
(We do these things, but I'm assuming many of you don't, so pick randomly if you dont got no idea Sheep )


if u had to choose between dota's bloodstone or ragnarok's emperium what would you pick?

Not sure, but I'll go with the bloodstone *shrug*

If you suddenly woke up as a cat that was about to be adopted, what would you hope your new owners would call you?


Where would you rather be right now?

A Spanish villa, on the balcony overlooking beautiful scenery and with a glass of cider in my hand.

If you had to choose to go without either toilet paper or toothpaste for a whole year which would you choose?

without toilet paper .. duhh ..

if you could be a device for a year what would it be and why¿ ..

without toilet paper .. duhh ..

if you could be a device for a year what would it be and why¿ ......................

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