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Interview the person below
minions ..

you have minions for breakfast, do you eat your breakfast?

No, minions will get me my breakfast.

You have a katana in one hand and a grenade on the other, you:

a) Slice your grenade hand with the katana
b) Blow your katana hand with the grenade
c) Slice the grenade with the katana in turn destroying the katana when the grenade goes off
[Image: 05onfire1_xp-jumbo-v2.jpg?quality=90&auto=webp]

b ..

there is a fiesta in a nearby place .. do you

a) go to the fiesta
b) take a siesta instead
c) make your own fiesta

A mix of b and c, and make it an anti-fiesta. I fucking hate parties and loathe the kind of people that go to parties, so I'll throw my own anti-party.

And eagle is flying straight to your face with a ferocious look, you:

a) Take out your machine gun and blow that shit into a million fucking particles.
b) Dodge, take cover and wait till it goes away
c) Offer one of your minions as sacrifice for the eagle to get distracted ripping the minion to pieces while you run away to safety.
[Image: 05onfire1_xp-jumbo-v2.jpg?quality=90&auto=webp]

if i take into account my reflexes it would probably be a.)

if you had 78 protons 100 neutrons and a positron .. what would you do?

Put them all together and wait out until an electron is drawn and collides with that positron Flamingdevil

You have to choose between money and happiness, you:

a) choose money
b) choose happiness
c) kill the person whomade the offer so that no one knows you had a choice to being with, so you can take both the money and the happiness
[Image: 05onfire1_xp-jumbo-v2.jpg?quality=90&auto=webp]

money .. you cant have happiness without money .. bahahaha .. :evil-laugh:

sirens or the pied piper? ..

Pied Piper

A hooded stranger shows up behind you and asks you to come with him no questions asked or else your life will be in danger, you:

a) release the hounds and let them deal with him
b) go with him and keep a sharp object firmly in your hand, inside your pocket
c) ask for detailed information before making a decision
d) Ask him how much he had to drink
[Image: 05onfire1_xp-jumbo-v2.jpg?quality=90&auto=webp]


you are invited to a party that celebrates sausages, do you go?

Fuck yes.

There is an earthquake and I mean 7.5 Mw and above, you:

a) go into a fetal position and rock back and forth
b) run in circles screaming "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"
c) use the motions to do a milkshake
d) drink an "earthquake"
[Image: 05onfire1_xp-jumbo-v2.jpg?quality=90&auto=webp]

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