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Interview the person below
Roast Pork

What is the longest relationship you have been in?

The one with my first boyfriend.Catsmiley

Do you play videogames?BUNNY

Yeah, a fair bit. Not daily by any stretch, and I wouldn't consider myself a hardcore gamer, but I do have a PS2, 3 & 4 that I play every now and then. Currently playing The Witcher 3 on the PS4 Smile

Do you have any siblings?

Yep, and I'm the middle. You have no idea how hard it is.
What's your social life like?

I can be socialable when need to

what's your daily bedtime routine?

Prep stuff for the next day, lay our the clothes I'll wear, brush teeth, mouth wash, double check everything is ready for tomorrow, get to bed, pray that I fall asleep in less than 2 hours

What is your sleep pattern like most days?
[Image: 05onfire1_xp-jumbo-v2.jpg?quality=90&auto=webp]

i'm like a lazy cat.....

what's the nearest blue thing to you (not on you).

My foot moisturiser lol

What is the nearest black thing to you?

my headphones XD

do you like books? if so, what type of books?

I used to be an avid reader. As I became an adult, I find found myself reading less books. Now I read hardly any. I would like to read some Steven King next however.

Are you a film fanatic?

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