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A Fine Night For Fine Arts
It was a brilliant day, the sun was bright, not a cloud in the sky and I was working for my school’s Fine Arts Fair.

The Fine Arts fair, was a fair… for the fine arts. It can't really be explained much better. There were performances from the choir, marching band, jazz band, wind ensemble, and productions by the Drama department. And since I was in the Drama Department, and did a bit of everything, I worked the sound board for the various productions that went on, 3 short plays and a improvisational comedy show. The Fair ended with the sky being bright and orange, and so I decided to walk home. Typically, it's a one and a half to a two hour walk.And, well he accompanied me.

Zach Alenko, the captain of the football team, CHP officer cadet, the man who could balance everything, and my only real friend for about a year now. We're both Juniors, and we've known gone to the same schools our whole life. Zach is tall, almost a whole foot taller than me at 6'6", where as I'm 5'7". He has light skin, and not a single blemish to speak of. He also has straight black hair that he keeps short, to stay in line with the CHP regulations, and it's always so shiny and luxurious. And he keeps clean shaven too, he likes looking classy and proper. He's nice and thin too, you could almost say like an hourglass, except he's more angular and masculine. And he has the perfect ass, large, muscular, just so amazing. He also has perfect, straight, shiny, white teeth, and large bushy eyebrows. And his eyes, are a shade of brown so light they seem reflect his favorite color, orange. He had on skinny jeans that made his ass and muscular thighs look perfect, and he had on a tight white v-neck that did nothing but accentuate his muscles and gorgeous abs and Pecs.

At this point in time, I had been pretty well aware of the fact that I liked him, but then again, how could I not? He's, well… perfect. We walked silently down the street from our school. It was a nice, quiet suburban area, and it would continue that way until we reached the freeway bridge and got to a more busy part of town.

Zach finally broke our silence, "You did a great job at the soundboard today. And you look great today too!"
I was 5'7", and had a skin tone darker than Zach's. Not exactly brown, but as the same time, it isn't not brown. But, that's what happens when you have Filipino and African American DNA. You also get curly, shiny, thick black hair that's never nappy like a regular African American's, and always seems to be perfect no matter what. I have super dark brown eyes and bushy, perfectly aligned eyebrows. I have a black beard, and shiny white teeth too. I'm fit, but nowhere near muscular like Zach. I stay fit because I love swimming, and acting is more work than it looks. I had on a black polo shirt, with gray skinny jeans. I had on my black laptop bag that functioned perfectly as a messenger bag and looked enough like one to where nobody would even know it wasn't one.

I thanked him in reply, trying to hide my enthusiasm at receiving such a compliment from him. I may have known him for a long time, but compliments from him were something else. The silence resumed before he spoke again, "How are you?" he asked."Great." I mumbled, not trying to sound too eager. He took notice of my lack of my apparent lack of enthusiasm. "What's wrong" he asked, a hint of concern in his voice."Nothing." I replied as plainly as I did earlier.

He grabbed my left shoulder with his right hand, stopped us, and proceeded to turn me to face him. He looked deeply into my eyes. "You can tell me," he encouraged."No… I can't" I replied sadly, memories of losing past best friends replaying in my mind.
"You're gay..?" They asked, astonished. I replied with a nod. My best friend of the group spoke, "I can't be friends with a fag." Then he turned and walked away, with the others following close behind. Before the other 3 left, one of them said, "And don't bother speaking to us again," another said, "go die in a ditch," and the last one finished, " and burn in hell."


I felt the tears welling up in my eyes again, the memories of losing the first friends I had made since I moved here six years ago, replaying in my head. I couldn't let it happen again. Not from him, not from Zach. "I don't want to lose you… not like the others." I whispered.Zach wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into a tight hug, "Nothing you could ever say or do would make me leave you." And I honestly felt that I could believe him. It meant so much to me. I started crying into his shoulder, and he pulled me even closer to him. "I mean it. I'll never leave your side." He pulled me even more tightly against him and into a bear hug.

"Really?" I asked, afraid he'd change his mind."Of course," he replied as he looked me in the eyes, "I mean I-" he cut himself off."What?" I asked, urging him to continue."N-nothing," he stammered, awkwardly letting me go and turning away."I'll tell you, if you tell me" I proposed. He looked at me as if weighing the possible consequences.

"How 'bout we both write it on a piece of paper and read each others?" he suggested."Sure," I replied, already having concluded that it wouldn't be worse than speaking it aloud. We both got a paper and pen from my bag and wrote our secrets and folded the paper a few times and handed it to the other. I opened his and read the words:

I like you

"You do?!?" we both exclaimed simultaneously, finding that we had written the same thing to one another.He was blushing that cute blush of his and smiling widely. "So…" he trailed off."Yeah?" I asked, still shocked and excited."Drake Valentine, will you be my boyfriend?"

I had major butterflies in my stomach, I felt wonderful. "Of course!" I exclaimed, greatly overjoyed.He pulled me into a tight hug. As we got out of the hug, his right hand grabbed my left and our fingers interlocked with one another's.By now the sky was dark, and the moon and stars were shining brightly. The moon was full, and there still wasn't a single cloud in the sky.

We continued on walking and talking, all the while, hand in hand. Eventually we got to my house, where his car was mysteriously parked in my driveway."Did you plan on coming here" I inquired."Well, I, in no way, intended on letting my best friend, and now boyfriend, walk home alone." He chuckled his sweet, deep, chuckle.

I squeezed the hand still in mine and he walked me to my door, and hugged me tightly."Thank you," I said happily."You're welcome. Good night my darling," he replied before turning to go back to his own car.

But before he started walking, I grabbed his shoulder this time, and turned him and pulled him close into both my first kiss, and our first kiss. "Good night my Koibito, get home safely.


(this story belongs to someone named PLU, I got it somewhere and print it out and read. I love collecting stories, print ‘em and read it if I have a spare time. So I thought of sharing it with you guys.)

Thank you for sharing this story...one of those that helps to keep our hopes alive..

deepu69 Wrote:Thank you for sharing this story...one of those that helps to keep our hopes alive..

It was nothing, I just find it that LOVES really move in every possible way. We don’t need to look for LOVE because LOVE will look for us, in the right way and in the right time. Wink

that's really cheesy but cute too

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