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The Neverending Story
Im not really sure if we have this one here... Anyway, I tried this game from another forum and thought of bringing it here.

The game is to simple, you can mess it up or put some characters name. Basically start a sentence and leave it open ended. The next person will finish the sentence and start another unfinished sentence for the next person.

So I’ll start the story:

Once upon a time, in a small town of bloomfield , a young boy named Araya went to...

(sorry Araya for usin your name)

the travelling circus that had swept in on a dry westerly wind. Not just an ordinary circus.....this one advertised amazing magical and impossible feats by impossible and vaguely unsettling performers...Araya's eye was caught by a lurid billboard poster promising

that he will be handsomely rewarded.....

if he is able to beat the 'Strongest Man in the World' in a test of strength. But first he must.....

gather the magical oregano in the outcroppings above the town, as he was used to doing in Jakarta. With the magical oregano he could season his staff

as well as cook magical meals in an instant.....

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