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Thinking about a tattoo!!
So ever since I came out to my friends and family, I have felt absolutely liberated and free and I want to turn that feeling into something I'll never forget, so I wanted to get a tattoo embodying my free spirit right now!! I really like the rib area (the right side especially) because I wear tank tops a lot and I love to be shirtless around my apartment or tan at the pool. So I want people to see it and think about what it means. One of the ideas I had was to get "Limitless" across my rib with the "L" starting near my back and the "S" ending right below my pec. What do you guys think??! Any input is appreciated and if you have any better ideas let me know :p

Thanks everyone Smile

I'm actually thinking of getting one myself, so I'm also looking for ideas.
I think just writing text is boring though. I would like some art drawing.

Also related :
[Image: 20130111-000943.jpg]

A diagram or a photo of a similar thing might help us.

You are in your 20's. How will you feel about the look when you are in your 60's?
I bid NO Trump!

I'd just say dwell on it for awhile. Nothing worse then regretting a tattoo. There are places online that make temporary tattoos from your own designs so if you want basic words why not get it printed up in different sizes so you can try before you buy.

I'd personally go for a watercolor tattoo if I was to get one.

I've got three, and I'm happy with all of them.
[Image: 51806835273_f5b3daba19_t.jpg]  <<< It's mine!

I've been thinking about one for a long time. I looked into it again recently and was reading that they change/fade/degrade over time. They won't stay looking like they do when you get them because your skin is a living (and aging) organ.

I still think about it but I don't know if I'll ever push the button on it. Not to mention trying to decide on something I could love for the rest of my life. Indecisiveness FTW Smile

To be honest, I doubt people give too much thought to others' tattoos. They might like the way one looks, but speaking just for me, I can't say seeing the word "Limtless" on somebody would make me think anything other than "this person wanted to have this word tattooed on themselves". Smile

I never actually have gotten a tattoo - and given how addicted so many of my friends are to the practice, and how easily I can slip into addictive things, that's probably just as well. But way back when I first came out, I contemplated getting a tattoo, but decided against it. Even stranger, until this very day, I've never wavered on what tattoo I would get (and where) should I decide to get one. It would be the Talespin air pirate logo (the fox skull and crossbones seen on the tail of this plane here), on my right ass cheek.

[Image: iron-vulture.gif]


I have LOTS of tats and love them! My only suggestion would be to invest in a smaller tat first and make sure you are up for the pain. The area you want yours is VERY sensitive.
Good Luck!

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