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Dang [MENTION=20738]TwisttheLeaf[/MENTION] -- I'm taking you at your word on point #1 .

After reading points 2 and 3.... I think you and my guy need to get together and write a users manual for owners of athletically superior rectums. One of the hottest things he does sometimes is grab the lube bottle from me, throw it across the room, push me on my back and take it without lube... and my weinie aint a teeny weeny weinie.

I was just remembering now....one of the reasons I started dancing on the stages at the clubs was...POPPERS!!! LOL...I hate them on the dance floor...they annoyed me because I love to lose myself for hours dancing by myself and poppers would interrupt my vibe.,....

I never needed poppers to dance and actually hated the smell on the dance floor...and god help the guy who tried to shove them in my nose....

I ended up dancing on the stage all the time...usually 12 hours on Sundays at three different clubs... and then I just got used to it. It was great...not too many people compared to the big crowded floor and I liked the other peeps and their energy and vibe who were on stage as well...we were all pretty much regulars...no poppers on stage...YAY!

I did like them with sex...not the fake ones though..t.he real stuff.....been so many years since I did that though.,...

MountLogan Wrote:The first time I tried bottoming the guy was like «use this» The small bottle and and the idea of sniffing something turn me down. The guy was so disappointed since my muscle were absolutely not relax. It was so bad for both of us but at least we had a really good foreplay.

The second time I tried bottoming I probably gave the guy the worst sex of his life. So he ask me to inhale poppers and feeling so ashamed i decide what the hell, let's try this. But I was so nervous I could't inhale properly resulting nothing happening. The guy was so surprised it didn't do the trick. I probably gave him the worst sex experience a guy can give lol

oh fun times lol
Those are my two stories with poppers

Rimming. 20 - 30 minutes of rimming. After that you can hide a Chevy truck.

Virge Wrote:Well if you do it in a film scene be sure to include a quick thinking bartender squirting them down with the soda gun and one of the crispy queens smacking the crap out him for getting a new designer shirt wet. It deserves to be made into a film. The ones who stayed at the bar rather than go to the ER had done XTC I think and were whacko the rest of the night.

into a film it shall be made. thanks for the inspiration. i've stolen a number of scenes from real life, other people's and mine.

Thanks for this post ! I didn't know very well the effects of "Poppers", but now it's clear ^^ I never tried, maybe one day i will try. But if it's to have a headache just after... no thanks. You need just a good partner, with some good preliminaries Smile

East Wrote:OK...Your face is in the mattress...you are sweating because his cock is so thick and even though it feels good every couple of minutes when you relax your ass tightens ...until...you do a hit of poppers...

....a few seconds later your ass becomes a vacuum cleaner and his cock is going in deep and hard and you can't get enough...you might start cuming hard without touching your cock....you become a bitch in heat....it feels insanely hot...

Err...that's what I have heard anyway:biggrin:....


Holy shit sign me up

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