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Is it Rude to Eat on the Couch?
[MENTION=22432]Vizor[/MENTION].....[Image: happy-valentines-day-love-patrick-creep-...-woman.jpg] I could not resist when I found this.....

Fuck. I'm out of eye bleach.

[Image: 6a0105364a8fba970c016305cd5593970d-800wi] a lttle salty snacks for the holiday maybe?

Or a bit of the guy next door to nibble on???[Image: 110121_zack_03.jpg]

[SIZE="5"]All across the world
there are men born without couches[/SIZE]

[COLOR="Red"][SIZE="7"]Please Donate to
the International Stud Couch Fund[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[Image: x%20beach%20laying%20tumblr_n12fxxtL8V1q...9z4v6j.jpg]

[Image: x%20beach%20tumblr_mmn4hxdop01rudlc3o1_1...2hbxag.jpg]

[Image: x%20beach%20tumblr_mm1em8Vtzt1qmbokso1_5...ixflop.jpg]

Meet Rufus and Bubba
from West Virginia
They were raised with couches and have the splinters in their butts to prove it.
Your donation will help us put couches under
thousands of guys just like Rufus and Bubba.
[Image: tumblr_n2x8qmxV6t1qmbokso1_1280_zpshjie32an.jpg]

I don't have a couch but if someone is feeling charitable a Stickley settle in dark oak with black leather would be lovely.

Virge, if you run across one of these in an estate sale, I can pay up to $53.57.
I bid NO Trump!

Good morning.[Image: Black+man+lying+on+couch.jpg] ...he is happy because he has a couch........

A mid-day meal......[Image: 200144807-003-naked-young-man-lying-on-s...UUaF%2BUGC]

Oh Getty Images....how do you know what I like for a night time snack????

[Image: 134234222-man-sleeping-naked-gettyimages...mzcw%3D%3D]

Is it dark in the room so we don't wake him up? That's OK. I'll stick with what I can see. Smile


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