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just did...
hey guys, first post here..

i finally did it. after comming out to a couple of friends then my sister, who i have a really good relationship with.. she told me i have until the end of the year to tell mum and dad, or she was gunna do it... the bitch..

but yeh, i literally just did, walked into the kitchen "mum im gay" and then the lounge room, "dad im gay". mum said "and?" and dad was "ohh ok" then he just smiled, i walked back in here and am now typing, i really can't believe i just did it... was ummm wierd to say the least, mum walked into my room just then, lol and asked if i was seeing someone, and wanted to meet him... hahah... but all in all, a good result me thinks..

just had to tell some people thats all Tongue


Heya Ben,

lol @ your bossy sister and big congratulations on coming out to your parents! That's a huge step forward and a big weight lifted off your shoulders I'm sure! Really cool they took it so well too! Biggrina

Catch you laters,

Andy xox
Note: No trees were destroyed in the sending of this contaminant free message. However, I do concede, a significant number of electrons may have been inconvenienced.

WOW! Congrats Ben on taking the steps, and it's fantastic you got such a relaxed and good reaction ... also, welcome to the board Big Grin

heheh thanks guys, was a wieght lifted.. finally not hiding anymore Tongue plus i can bring guys home now.. haha!

bring guys home for what? to play computer games?? :redface:

Congrats on coming out to your parents. Now you and your mom can have girls night out.... lol I do it with my mom, although she doesnt like me calling it that, and we have a blast each time.. But I only get to have those like 3 times a year.

Prepare to be asked to give shopping tips to your mum.. mine does that all the time since i came out...9 years ago. But seriously..congrats, big weight lifted im sure. As for the bossy sister.. i think her bubble has just well and truly been burst.


Haha, I am SO happy to hear that it was easy for you. My dad took it the worst, as far as people who know. Which is everybody now. My mom is amazing about it, but my dad is homophobic. I am just thrilled to hear that it was easy for you! It truly is a weight lifted and it feels nice, right?

everybodys gotta do it eventually !congrats!

Congrats mate, I know the feeling of releif that you get. My sister was bossy too....had a right go at me about not telling her before! Haha!

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