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Wine drinker?
I love wine though not till about 2 years ago. Took time to appreciate it.

I love fruity light wine. love both red and white. The most important thing is to choose the right wine with what food you are eating!!

Good red wine must breath!!!!!!

Love Rose 'I know oh how passe' though it is so yummy and mooorish!!

wow what a list I don't know the specific names but I am a big fan of Red wines myself

jamesteen Wrote:to me wine tastes like p**s! harhar give me a nice pint of larger anyday! Smile

lol... I call lager pisswater! But there ya go.

As for wine... I like one of the carton wines... Rougemont - tastes like a tangy Ribena... and goes down the hatch way too quickly *hic* :redface:

don't know types... just drink it when I can... ^^ good stuff!

I prefer a good red such as a merlot, port, or pinot noir... the only white I like is a vignole.

Hmm. I'm not too fond of wine - but then again the kind I've been introduced to is often tastes of vinegar.Tongue But Plum Wine! Oh, now that's nice.:biggrin:

Have had a sip of white zinfandel rosé before - but overall not really a fan of wines and champagnes... Confusedmile: The staple ingredient of grapes however... now we're talking business! :biggrin:

ardus Wrote:wow what a list I don't know the specific names but I am a big fan of Red wines myself

Since then I've learned a bit about wines my favorite now are the French Bordeaux's, full bodied, dry and rich. Great stuff.

Demetria Winery, just north of Santa Barbara, has AMAZING whites. One's actually aged in a cement barrel in some ancient Roman custom.

I love a dryish red wine especially if it has an oaky taste. Cheap red plonk is OK but a good Rioja is magic. If you want a drinkable white wine, you have to splash out unfortunately. I hate all sweet drinks, so Malaga wine and most sherries taste crap to me.

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