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Wine drinker?
Since this thread has is now apparently resuscitated I add my tuppence worth.

I have pretty Catholic taste in wine. I fully hold it to be the most wonderful drink in the world. However if I did have to name favourites I am very fond of big Italian Reds, Amarone della Valpolicella can be just heavenly, but it is a tad expensive, I have it less than once a year. And, in case you were wondering, I wouldn't give anyone my last Barolo. (I'm sorry I just couldn't resist the pun).

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.

I am offended !!! How can you not consider harbour mist as a wine ?

I have on a few occasions had more then one glass of a white wine. There easier for me to drink. I find that red wine is still waaaaaaaay tooo strong. One glass of red wine lasts me a while. I didnt know there was much for chemicals in wine. I just thought it was rotting fruit juices. My Grandma lives across the road from me and she makes her own wine. Mostly red but a bit of white for me. Now that i think about it she has this stawberry and rasberry wine that is too die for. If she makes a batch in the fall after some of the berriers freeze. VA VA VOOM !!!! HELLO FLAVOUR !!! She also makes this liquer out of berrys and sugar. She gets a few mason jars half full of berrys and half full of sugar every morning there flipped over for 6-8 months. Its strained bottled and the leftover fruit goes into pies. MMMM PIE !!!

The poll is sadly lacking Mead. Wink

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