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How do you get yours?
Music that is? Tongue3

Buy it: Do you like the feel of a CD in your hand, the trip to the record shop, the ring of the cash machine... all those liner notes and the legality of it all... Smile

Borrow it: Do you borrow cd's off family and friends, not too conerned about "having" the actual CD in your collection once someone paid for it and you can lisen to it...

Extended Borrow it: Do you d/l your tunes, payin a "fee" to some website (like gomusic.ru) or programme (like limewire) ... its not "exactly" stealing if you pay someone, something for it... right?

Downright Steal: Do you d/l from free programmes like bitttorrent or some free mp3 site...

Virtually Buy it: is iTunes or Napster your prefered way... legal and above board but no dust collecting CD boxes all over the place.
Note: No trees were destroyed in the sending of this contaminant free message. However, I do concede, a significant number of electrons may have been inconvenienced.

I buy CD's now and then but that has gotten a lot less since 2005.

And I download lots of music from newsgroups each day - downright stealing, right... Sad. Well it's usually classical music so that doesn't hurt the composers since most of them are dead anyway. I fiddled a bit with Limewire too but never got very far. Downloading took eons and I could not find the music I was looking for.

So am I a bad boy now? I saved lots of money, that's for sure....Cool

I get mine via a mix of all those poll options.

I will admit... I Downloaded and stole every single one of my 3k songs I have.

yeah.. i have to agree with udabar, most of mine are stolen from bittorrent.. but the elite songs in my opinion i have paid for with my hard earned money.. hell yeah!

i love buying cd's! but i also download music from limewire every now and then haha

I'm awful x3 I steal it straight of the free version of Limewire. and I've found that if I don't use any of my limewire-tunes, my library goes down 734-ish songs (out of about 800)

I usually buy CD's that I like. Sometimes there are just songs that I like, so then I will download them. I also download songs from CD's I have just so I have them on my computer (I figure since I have the CD, I'm allowed to do it).

I'm fighting capitalism by downloading it from some torrent and sharing it with my friends Smile

I did buy over 1,000 cd's from the shops before I started to stray down the *looks left* *looks right* dark path ... *blush*

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!

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