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hello ;D
yes...? The Sex with mum?

thats what i mean by understanding the code! Its a bit dodgy otherwise!

Ok my heads spinning after 4 posts :confused:

I can barely understand Riki on MSN at the best of times lol Laugh

Yeah, well he never talks to me on there... And yes i do have him on there and he is on right now... Laugh

Must have me blocked then.. he not shoing on mine :frown:

no I don't have you blocked Sad and Udabar you are always busy Sad luff uxxxx

-EDIT- wait I couldn't have been on 8 hours ago cos that was.... -counts-... cos that was half 5am here... I was in bed.

I was wide awake at 5am AGAIN! :'(

So It Was You On My Msn Account! And You Deleted Ash

:O Me never, i'm a good girl! I was faffing around with LimeWire-stupid thing!

Well your on right now and your still not talking to me. But your busy so I cant bother you.. Your listening to music and the song is; Love Me Right (Oh Sheila) - Angel City

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