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hello ;D
har har I'm feeling random and hyper. OMG Must be that silly snickers jackflap i just ated. err nerr. -offers everyone some revels- hows everyone? talk to me? iiiiiiiii want you back my liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife cos that where you beloooooooooong tra lalal dudundudnudndundudn boom tis boom tis :biggrin: -blows everyone a kiss-

Crikey you'r being even more random that usual stickly!Biggrina
A snickers flapjack eh? Fancy!
I can't quite believe you've abandoned "The Sex" for Revels,=O!

i did offer mum The Sex but she don't like it. wanted revels instead tehet

How can anyone not like the sex-Thats discraceful! You'll never guess what i'm eating...! Supergrin

hmmm... The Sex? OR SexBerries?

Sadly i have no Sex to munch on at the moment, so i'm having to make do with SexBerries! Currently the biggest, most juicyest one i have EVER seen!Biggrina
Open wide *offers you scrumptious SexBerry*

-consumes thy Sexual Berry wholey- ... you always have the biggest :o

Enjoy?! I kno i'm just lucky i suppose! Multijump I seem to have a constant supply of SexBerries-to make up for the fact that i hardly ever get to eat The Sex!Cry

whereas I just get a constant supply of nothing...............

Sad Don't say that! I supply you with SexBerries as often as i can! Soon there won't be any to have anyway!

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