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Gawking is rude
So, my fiance and I had a great day on Sunday, shopping, dinner, carriage ride around downtown Indianapolis.

I've never seen so many people gawking at him, and us.

So, my man is all man, but loves to wear makeup, hair extensions, and fake nails. Sorta like glam rock era David Bowie. He wears tight jeans, and hollister tops. Fabulous, sexy, gorgeous, HAF. Takes him forever sometimes to get ready. Everything makes him feel better about his looks, and it is how he expresses himself. Sometimes is mistaken for a women, which he gets a kick out of.

So we're at a jewelry store at one of our local malls looking for a chain. He's been trying to lose weight and his grandfather's wedding band is slipping off his finger, wants to wear it around his neck so he doesn't lose it.

I notice this guy across the mall, basically stop in is track and start staring at my fiance. Now this guys was with what I assume were his wife and 2 kids. I know they are staring at my guy, and talking about him. I kinda stare back at him, and he moves along. A little further down the mall the guy is back at it, stopped and gawking. I almost wanted to go over there and have a chat with him. Gave him a cocked head, you want some of this kinda look (I hope) and he sorta went on his way.

Then on our carriage ride we got a ton of gawkers. I think both at him, and at both of us, since we are an odd couple.

Gawking like that is just rude.

Unfortunately, the world is full of them. People are just so judgemental to seeing things that are different from what they expect. Even a select few of my friends, who are fully accepting of my sexuality, probably would gawp too, though probably not as long as the guy you are describing. I would probably look, just like I look at other people in the street, but I certainly wouldn't gawp. It is just rude, and unnecessary. Who cares how people dress, if it makes them happy and feel good then who are people to judge?

I probably would've responded the way you had. People tend to feel uncomfortable if you gawp back, and that is exactly how they are making you feel so they deserve that back.

One thing to look with interest, just as we look at anything that is novel.

You could see the judgemental look in this guys face. That's what bugged me.

There was another bunch of gawkers, some black bikers. They looked, then they talked amongst themselves. Went there way. Didn't have a problem with them. It was the white "family guy" in the mall. LOL

I get this all the time and im a skinny passable straight looking twink. I just take it as the people that look want a little piece of nick in their mouth Sagrin As for the man of yours tell him to keep his thang going and fuck the watchers
I am the angles that hold and surround you

I am the demon you're afraid to meet

VirgoMasquerade Wrote:I get this all the time and im a skinny passable straight looking twink. I just take it as the people that look want a little piece of nick in their mouth Sagrin As for the man of yours tell him to keep his thang going and fuck the watchers

I really wanted to go up and ask him, so you were gawking at his tight ass then noticed he was a guy. What does that say about you Mr wife and 2 kids???

My guy would have yelled across the mall, "YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH ME!!!"

If David Bowie himself showed up at the mall looking like your boyfriend does, he'd also get people gawking at him. It's not really anything out of the ordinary. All you have to do is look online at all the nasty things people said about Bowie in his time to know that different will always be hated by those with small minds.

Instead, focus on the positive aspect of it. I guarantee you that at least one person who looked at you guys on your date thought, "I wish I had the bravery to dress like that", and it gave them hope for their own future. I've heard this kind of thing said over and over again at GSA meetings and on forums. I've thought it myself at gay pride events (we don't get a lot of gays in the rural south, so pride events are usually where I see them). And I've been the victim of the glares and judgment for doing something as simple as holding hands with a girl in a restaurant as I flirted with her. Those people got their panties in a bunch, but I slept just fine that night. I'm sure you did too after your lovely date Smile.

I like when man does watch me enuh Sheep

Big up de ego gyal, my mama didn't birth me with this fat ass for nothing Cat3

But to quote Fergie : "You can look, but don't touch it, cause if you touch it, imma... Start some drama, and you don't want no drama"


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