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Why does it seem like everyone is so against religious people these days?
Why does it seem like the religious today are getting a bad rap for everything?

I mean, religion has been used for social and political power, to murder many of those who did not agree with them, to censor free speech, and much more. However, religion has done a lot of good as well including charities and having constructed hospitals and many more. I mean, I wouldn't say it's all bad, but I feel like both gays and religious can sometmies go too far.
for instance, there was a time when a baker decided not to serve two gay men due to their religious beliefs. The men decided to sue them and stuff. I am thinking if htey are not going to serve you, why can't you just go to another baker who is gay-friendly? or maybe make the owners lose their customers and stuff and then they will close down and they will be on the losing end? I mean, come on, did you really have to go to court for all of this crap? I know it is your civil rights, but to sue someone and make someone lose their business is just too far.

now as for the religious owners. don't you realize that when word gets out, you lose your customers and many of those who come to your bakery. Really, are they not worried about their businesses collapsing? Why not set your religious beliefs aside and just think overlook the fact that they are gay? then again, you're forcing someoen to not be able to express their religious freedom and stuff?

Well, then, most gays aren't religious anyway.

sometimes I wonder if gays hate religious people simply because they ahve had bad experiences in families, in churches, in schools or may have been bullied in school for their identity and sexual orientation. I mean, if this is a grudge y ou hold, shouldn't you at least let it go eventually so that you don' thave to carry it with you forever? I mean, it's a huge burden, and I could take it off my shoulders if I were you.

I know religion is subordinate to its scientific cousin. I get it. Her scientific cousin has saved lives, has made huge breakthroughs and more. Why would you denigrate it simply because there is no proof? It's ironic since some scientists themselves are religious. I'm thinking,"Aren't you contradicting yourself in a way?" "How can you be religious, scientific-minded, and gay all at the same time since one group hates the other, and they all reciprocate this hatred?"

Boaxy Wrote:Because many religions aren't tolerable to homosexuality.

I'm Christian, and in some denominations, they don't give a flying fuck if you're gay or not.

You can't be catholic and gay.

You sure as hell can't be Orthodox Jewish and gay.

You have be transsexual and transition into changing your gender in Islam/Muslim though.

The world is fucked lol.

Yeah but not everyone agrees with that though. There are some gays who are roman catholics and they do not have a problem with it. Only that they might be celibate for a long time or may choose to deny that they are gay and marry into a family and stuff. I really feel that they are living a lie and should really just consider marrying someone of the same sex.

I honestly can't see why these guys can't be gay and orthodox. If they are monogamous or are celibate, I don't see why the rabbis and the laymen cannot accept them.

It's because many atheists mix things up and put church, religion, spirituality and belief into the same box.
I guess one can only understand that there are differences when you believe in something else than pure science. Pure scientists won't ever understand, and I find that hilarious, because they are the ones who think they can explain everything, the ones who want to be able to explain everything, but they can't and that's why they hate it.

I feel that your question is rhetorical rather than sincere, but I'll answer anyway, if much shorter explanation than I normally would do.

The religions focused on are those that affect our lives through social, cultural, and political means. (If Quakers, Taoists, or even neopagan Heathens were to rise up and start legislating our lives, you can bet there'd be a lot of hostility directed their way as well, but they can't just have members who complain, they actually have to affect our lives.) It's a rare person who bothers with these other religions because they don't pass constitutional amendments against us, laws against us, deny us the right to be with loved ones in the hospital and ban us from their funerals (which might be due to a hate crime by Christians), or, as you yourself pointed out, try to make our lives hell through bullying and abuse (in worst case scenarios, they even act out violently, or justify those who do).

Maybe you're under the delusion that it's only a small fraction of Christendom doing this (though it does seem the nature of Christendom is changing on this issue, just as they have other issues--including interracial marriage--in the past), but you'd be wrong going by the votes and the popular political rhetoric that got people elected. Furthermore, if it was only a small minority then the rest of Christendom could put them down, just as they did Westboro--not for hating on gays, mind you, but for hating on America and crashing the funerals of soldiers. Christendom rose up (heck, even the KKK did) and said "They're not with us" which proves they can if they want to, but they never raised a peep when Westboro crashed gay funerals for I think a decade before that (including the funeral of Matthew Shepard), so obviously Christendom doesn't have a problem with that aspect of them, just the aspect of thanking God for 9/11 and dead soldiers.

I dislike religion on a philosophical/scientific level. Anytime you start telling yourself that you can justify something based on faith alone, you can stretch that to justify anything. That's the inherent problem with almost all of the major religions, particularly Christianity in the US.

I know many people who are otherwise wonderful, but their religious beliefs include gay people being unacceptable and having arrived at their sexuality due to a series of poor life choices. There are studies that contradict their beliefs, but they choose to believe them anyway. Or the people who believe hitting their children is okay because "spare the rod, spoil the child" despite numerous studies stating that hitting children causes defiance and lower self-esteem. Or the ones who think transgender people aren't real at all and they're just confused people bringing their own problems on themselves, despite studies to prove otherwise. You get where I'm going with this.

Religion is just too convenient a vehicle for the personal prejudices of different groups of people. The good it has done does not outweigh nor excuse the bad things that have been condoned in the names of various gods. I consider myself a somewhat spiritual person of ambiguous beliefs, but I could never be part of religion as we know it today, nor would I want to marry somebody who was. We would be fundamentally incompatible.

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