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Why do religious people not approve of homosexuality?
I have noticed that most religions do not approve of homosexuality. Mostly have to say,what the hell is there problem? Homosexuality has existed longer than most religions. Does this disgust you? The way so many people are so damn simple minded.

what does annoy me is not their belief - because everyone is entitled to their own - but rather, how they are allowed to have so much affect on, and to influence to some extent how the country is run. And how they think they are right, and we are wrong because at the end of the day we all have our own free will and can live our lives how we wish. Confusedmile:

We're all going to hell in theior eyes anyway - me personally, i've reserved a seat on the lake of fire !! :biggrin:

Wow,the Lake of Fire. *Stares at wall* Satan told me I can sit in his seat as long as I helped corrupt some souls on Earth :biggrin:
Still,my firend converted into a morman and now,well,his girlfriend basically made him convert and doesn't allow him near me. Freewill is a load of crap if you believe in God,and whatever else. We are what we are and nobody is gona tell us how we should be. Cool

if hell is as kinky as we've been told, then I'm there!

You will all BURN BURNNNN BUUUUURN!!!! Firedevil

However the irony of this is that if you bum other men senseless and then ask for forgiveness can skip internal damnation. Isn’t that just great hehe
On your knees boys and girls a position that many are familiar with and beg

Ever watched Sugar Rush?
"Homos go to hell"
"Gay girls burn"
No point in begging for forgiveness,we are all going down that way anyways lol

Loved Sugar Rush.

Well maybe gay girls might burn... i think the Devil is Straight. But homos go everywhere!Happy
I really dont think that God will send me to hell because hapened to like men instead of women . If i manipulate, scare and make other people life a missery he will! You might not meet any religious leaders in heaven, i think heaven is Gay!!

The funny thing about it is, everyone is so happy for the apocolipse. But what they dont realize is that with that, everyone dies. Oh well, I will let them think they will be saved, let them think that only the good people will be saved. When in truth, they only take chosen ones. All others will die... hehehehe....

It makes me sick that people are using religion to judge people. They should be trying to make the world a better place, instead of making stereotypes.

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