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whats everyone been upto?
Hey Guys i know i've already mentioned most things i've done in the past three years but i thought i'd start a tread.... i know i'm being awful nosey but was wondering what everyone else has been upto...
as you all know from the other tread i've now started my nursing course and that me and Gary finally got hitched.
right so where else to start???
we've been to gran canaria, italy, glastonbury festival, costa del sol, and camping around a lot of Scotland....i also stoped being a carer for a while to be an activities co-ordinater for younger adults with chronic illlness....we've finally got a good circle of friends going, and i've managed to get in contact again with some of my friends from down south and some of the people i went to ghana with....my sister had twins and and my nephew has grown into a lovely little boy...
i think thats all anyhow if i remember any more i'll get zach to post it...Smile

still didnt grow up ,I
so dont know what can i talk about
in fact the life is the same as usual
emmmmmmmmmmm hope can have job soon~~~~~~

It's Ok not to grow up, Feng, as long as you don't grow out! My mother always sang a song that went... "Keep young, slim and beautiful, if you want to be loved." She became fat and was not a particularly lovable woman.
Osiris... your responses generate more questions... where exactly did you go? what accomodation? did anything happen? any more threesomes? Weather? transport? Still got the 'new car'? details man... that's what's interesting. You went to Gran Canaria.... wow. Las Palmas? sleep on the beach? See any of those gorgeous Senegalese who drift over on rafts illegally? Get the runs? dance every night? suffer sunburn? were there any Spanish boys there? was it a package tour or did you take pot luck?
How did you camp in Scotland? tents? where did you go?
I've written an autobio of my years in London 1960 - 67 as Actor, stripper and rent boy... Someone is promising to publish... but promises, promises...far too long to post here.
Glad you and Zach are well and your career is taking off. Also that you are working with young people.
Cheer up Feng... start writing poems again to cheer us up at least.

hey pete sorry i'm not being rude but i can't remember everything, so what i'll do is get gary to reply to this tomorrow...
oh somthing new thats happened is that i've started to write a fantasy/fiction story....hopefull it'll be a book but unsure at the moment... but G thinks its good...or so he says...
anyhow hope everyone is very good...x

ybgirp, hello, I trust you too are still slim and beautifulSmile

Gonna try to fill in some detail. I'm still a Quantity Surveyor (just an older one). Simon is training to be a nurse...so earning in about three years (yipee). Got "married" last July in Edinburgh...which was great, lovely day and lots of fun.

Gran canaria - was lots of fun but very full-on (this was the occasion of the threesome...none more since...not really for us at the moment). Two weeks of out all night and sleeping a lot of the day. We were in Plage de Englis..oooh spelling!!

Italy - Honeymoon, one week just outside of north Tuscany and one week just north of Siena. Hired a car and stayed in Agro Tourismo places (again spelling?). Quality very good...not too expensive. Drove to Rome for a day...amazing, especially because we had not really planned it.

"New" car crumbling a bit these days however it just needs to last another three years getting Simon too and from Uni....My faceless saloon does most of the work....

To summarise, all is happy and good.

You still living in paradise??

married ???
hey ,you should give some "happyness sugur" to me as the chines tradition~~~~~
hahahahahaha Big Grin
poem ??ohoo dear peter , i lost my ability to write them out in english~~~~~~~~~

i'm sure you've not lost your talent Feng, you just need the practice again and what a better place to brighten up with art than here, it might help to get more threads going at least...Smile

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