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Uhm...that is not my name, love!
So my boyfriend and me, we are together for one and a half year. We were making love the other day, you know, things were quite heated, we were both moaning and suddenly he said a name "Jason". I froze for a second, thinking if he really said it or not but he did really say it, I heard it clearly. And I know that is definitely not my name, my name does not even start with a J. I asked him immediately: " What was it? Who is Jason?" He acted as if he had not said anything. My mood was completely down.

Later I was determinate to find out who is this Jason, so I asked him long enough until finally he confessed that Jason is his ex boyfriend. He claims that I have nothing to worry about and that he does not know himself why he said it. But I cannot calm down. There is no reason for someone to pant the name of their ex while having sex with their current boyfriend. I would never moan the name of my ex, because he is a past for me. So I guess he was thinking about that guy while having sex with me? Why? Because he was a better lover than I am? Or maybe because my boyfriend is still in love with him? I feel jealous. What would you do in my place? Maybe I am just overthinking things and making a horse out of a fly?

Yeah you're probably overthinking things.

Men evolved so that sexual pleasure "scrambles the circuits" so to speak. Under the circumstances it's probably just a slip of the tongue.


It's better than calling you Anonymous. So unromantic.

If this is the only reason for your doubts and to think he might still have some feelings etc for his ex Jason, then you can let this one slide. It's not that big an offense.
''Do I look civilized to you?''

Anonymous Wrote:What would you do in my place?

Have a chuckle and forget about it.

He's with you, not his ex... blame blood loss to the brain

We'd be playing the "What's my name?" game during sex for a while afterward, and I'd require some reassurances outside the bedroom.

One of my female friend accidentaly called my name while kissing her bf ( she confessed to me after they broke up), btw there's definitely nothing between us Wink))) once or twice i uncounsciously said my friemd name, it's pretty awkward though.
Anyway, that's happens sometimes, no need to worry about.

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