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Best friend came out to me!
Last night when I was going to jog, I encountered my best friend. We seldom contact after the graduation of secondary school as both of us don't text much, and life is busy. Out of surprise, he said he is falling in love with a guy. I was totally amazed at his update.

We've known each other since we were in infant school and became the best friend in secondary school. There are lots of things we're in common, our family background, personality, and interest. I came out to him around five years ago. At that moment, he was shocked, but we haven't talked about it ever since. I thought he was straight as he loved a girl before.

After a few words, I guess he just figured out his orientation recently. He was like me a few years ago first stepping in this circle, being curious and a little bit excited. Anyways, it's just incredibly amazing. I always feel uncomfortable to talk about gay things and situation to the straight friends as they might not understand. Now, he is my super best friend who I can share them with him.

Yay! Are you two going to stay in contact now?
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That's so beautiful.

Don't let good friends slip out of your life. Best of luck with it!
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VirgoMasquerade Wrote:Yay! Are you two going to stay in contact now?

Sure. I was completely distant from all my friends in the past year for the exam. The intensive exam period finally ends in this month, so I can reconnect with my friends soon. I should initiate more chat and meet with friends.I was too passive...

Great News for you!

From reading previous posts I think you were feeling pretty isolated if I remember, so having a close gay friend to confide in will be a boon for you, and him too I imagine. Get socialising! Confusedmile:
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That's awesome. The best for both of you!

That's really cool, nice that you have someone to talk with! :-))

It's a huge help having a friend who is gay also, and sometimes things happen and you're able to reconnect with friends and become even better friends. I know when I came out, I became much closer with one of my friends who is gay.

His shock at the time you came out sounds more like it was confronting for him because it made his feeling a little bit more real.

I'm glad you have rekindled your friendship

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