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What is a best friend?
For me, a best friend is someone like your soul mate.
That person knows you as much as you know yourself.
You can open your thoughts to that person as easy as to yourself.
A best friend is very rare to find... Somehow you'll just realize that the person you're talking to or spending time with is actually your best friend.
That person is like a life partner. So yeah, that's my opinion.
I don't have a best friend though, but maybe that's because I don't expect too much from another person becoming so involved in my life. I've come to accept that a person rows his own boat and there's nothing wrong about that. As long as you love your friends and they love you back, depending on your expectations, you don't need a best friend.
Sorry if I hurt anybody's feeling... Just making an honest opinion. Smile

Confuzzled4 Wrote:Deephiance has a different approach, he says what's on his mind. I have a friend Yuriy who does that, doesn't make me dislike him. Sometimes brutal honesty is part of being a good friend, had my former best friend done that upfront it would have saved us both a lot of heartache.

I can't see what was written about me because that person has been blocked.

The person in question has seen fit to stalk me and leave nasty messages on other media like YouTube. He has done an in depth search on all matter things about me on the internet.

I confided some deeply personal information to this individual only to have it public released in an attempt to humiliate me, but lets be clear on this, Nothing I have done, even posting semi nudes on the internet 15 years ago, I am ashamed of therefore it is impossible to embarrass, humiliate or bully me into what one see's as a suitable submission.

A lie will always be a lie even if a million people believe it to be the truth.

The truth will always be the truth even when no one believes it.

My experiences through life have armed me with the tools that I have, can and will continue to use to help others where I see fit, unfortunately I get it wrong from time to time.

I know I am abrasive and can be brutal at times, I know I am not the sort of person that pussy foots around and issue to make someone feel good when I feel they don't deserve it, I know others are intimidated, threatened, confused or whatever, but I am who I am, take it or leave it, I don't fucking care one iota what you do. BUT earn my respect and look underneath the brash exterior and you will have a loyal friend for life.

LOYALTY is the key to being a good person weather you are dealing with a friend or an enemy and while a certain someone has confided some certain information that is private, I would never even consider using that information as a weapon against them like it has been used against me, and anyone who does, well those actions speak loudly about the person that THEY actually are.

I would also like to thank everyone that has sent me messages checking if I am OK, it is much appreciated.

I'm a faggot and I don't like cunts....so fuck off ;-)

Oh yes [MENTION=24118]deephiance[/MENTION] loyalty, that is another big topic that has come up. I don't mean this to be in just passing, but that's quite a backstory thanks, I'll admit sometimes I'm put off by your approach, but I know you mean well and I respect you. But I digress, that was my former best friend's biggest thing loyalty, whether it was from friends, family, a partner. Without loyalty there is no friendship.

It's been a while since I've had a singular best friend. I've always tended to be the kind of person who has different distinct friend groups that I sort of move between.

The concept of a best friend to me is someone who you can always go to and know they'll be there. Someone who is just as comfortable talking as they are listening as they are just sitting quietly with you. Loyal, dependable, and supportive. I look for similar traits in friends, but just on a lesser scale I guess. The people I'm closest to are my family, maybe it sounds cheesy, but I'd count one of my sisters and my mom as my best friends.

someone you can rely on and vice versa. they're loyal and trust worthy and will tell you the hard truth when you need it.

So the consensus is loyalty is the main trait of a best friend. Not too surprising, thought things would become more of a discussion but this small sample suggests the view is universal.

A best friend is somebody who doesn't dump you over a slight misunderstanding.Oh sorry,just had to vent.

I don't have one but in my opinion a best friend is a person who'll always be there for you no matter what. They'll get up in the middle of a night if you need them.

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