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London attack
princealbertofb Wrote:I had a post on my Facebook page saying some 140 Kenyans were just massacred in a school. Has anyone heard that story?

Its old news (2015) though still shocking of course to everyone involved.

OlderButWiser Wrote:Its old news (2015) though still shocking of course to everyone involved.
OK, thanks, [MENTION=16670]OlderButWiser[/MENTION].

CorsacReborn Wrote:Solidarity is not a strength that will deter attacks like these. Standing together and saying "we condemn these attacks" are just empty words to those involved in terror plots.

Men like those shot in this incident are indoctrinated into extremist ideologies, they're taught to have no moral compass and that what they're doing is the only right thing.

They have already changed the way the rest of the world thinks, thoughts now need to be adapted into actions to combat the terrorists and their organisations on a larger scale.

You're missing the point here.
Solidarity isn't meant to deter attacks it's meant to negate them.

Combatting extremist Islam is like playing chess against an enemy that only has pawns. They will never win, they haven't got the technology or the expertise and their ideology is self destructive. This clash of cultures can only end one way.

Mankind's future is Democratic and capitalist. Globalisation simply leaves no room in the world for these sand sucking barbarians or their Iron age ideals.

So how do they stop their own extinction?

By stopping capitalism and democracy at their source. Inciting tyranny, violence and civil unrest in western nations they can disrupt our "corrupting" influence.

To quote Lincoln "A house divided against itself cannot stand."

That is why solidarity is so important it will not bring us victory but it will make defeat impossible.

As for how we prevent these attacks. Personally I've come to the conclusion that we need to promote integration we can no longer allow totally insulated communities of any kind. The crux of which should be schools since they're already government controlled.

Schooling should always be multi-faith and the student population as ethnically and religiously diverse as possible.

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