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Good News
happy to hear you talking again - forget about why you fell out and start fresh an enjoy each others company again - just remember that you are both stubborn to back down so if you hit a bump in the road again just talk it out - just dont take another year Smile

Thanks.You're so right. Gonna get on a better track this time around.

abcd1234 Wrote:I think you remember my story. It was about a friend of mine who hasn't spoken to me for a year and a half because I commented on his lateness on picking me up when it was cold outside. Well, I sent him a birthday card this month and today he actually called me to thank me for it. So I subtly said to him that it has been a long time and what had he been up to.So he proceeded to tell me about things that went on with his friends and stuff and I told him about what was going on in my life. We spoke for about an hour and I mentioned in conversation that I use the Uber service and we ended off by him saying to call him when I wanted to get together and once in awhile he would come down by me.But we reconciled and I'm really happy about it. Funny thing is that neither one of us brought up the reason why we didn't speak all this time. Maybe we both felt awkward and it's understood that we're putting this behind us. I don't know. He said he's helping take care of some of his friends that are sick and he feels one of them is taking advantage. Other than that it looks like we're back on track.Can you believe this!!

Answer : yes, you made the right move. Was it worth getting all upset about a tardy pickup? Maybe not, in the end. I'm glad you two have patched things up. Be wary, next time, not to take things for granted or him for granted. He certainly seems to resent it (re what you said about his sick friend).

I was last here two months ago and this post or one remarkably similar was one of the few I answered on.

What puzzles me is why a elderly man is wasting so much time to get these bridges burnt or whatever. Seriously, I'm... um old enough... to worry when it takes more than 15 minutes for my coffee to perk in the morning, wasting months, years on patching things up, etc seems like a horrible expense of life.

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