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gay and mental illness
I got OCD with depression in the past and have been good for 1 year. The thing is I'm usually highly sensitive and overanxious so I don't know whether I would have a relapse in the future. For me dealing with my overanxiety is so more difficult than dealing with my sexuality. I wish I could be a less anxious person with higher self-esteem, but it's OK, I'm trying to accept it and get used to this part of me Sad.

been gay is only a minor problem really - i have adhd and when i did finally get medication it was so amazing - i could read books , i could sit through a film in the cinema , i could stay focused and be part of a conversation etc - but they say you cant have medication over a length of time so i had to cut down to nothing - here's me back to been a pain in the ass again Smile

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