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Catch me up if you will?
Has anyone heard from Zen? Have been hoping he'll join us again.
I bid NO Trump!
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  • Cridders88

(04-16-2020, 06:37 PM)Pix Wrote: Some may remember that I am working on multiple stories. Eventually I realized I wasn't getting anywhere juggling so many, so I've chosen to focus on one specifically, even cannibalizing parts from other stories to incorporate into the one I've chosen.  With radical revisions and rewrites I think it's getting quite good if I say so myself, though I worry about being TOO immersive and complex.  I'm currently breaking the standard rule of having more than 5 main characters its centered around though I probably won't change that, just be careful on how I present it.  Even so, I didn't make real progress until I distanced myself from the internet (which is perhaps the biggest factor on why I probably won't be around here much).

I've been there and done that. I hate cannibalizing my stories, they're my "precious darlings," (a term I find writers use). I was writing a YA SciFi that was stretching on for hundreds of thousands of words. I found out debut authors have very strict rules they have to play by if they hope to get traditionally published, and I needed to cut my story shorter than 100k words. It made me fall into a writer's block slump for months. Eventually I stopped "pantsing" and started plotting, and eventually came up with a eureka solution. Unfortunately I'm told many literary agents consider YA sci-fi a "dead genre," but I have a twist I think might get me through (not that it matters if it's a best seller, I don't write for money).

Definitely be careful on you present it. I've seen a lot of literary agents give limits on how many POVs they'll accept in a story. Don't listen to me though, I haven't even sent out my first query.

Good luck getting published!
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